Oktoberfest at SacBrew

This Saturday, Sacramento Brewing Company will host Oktoberfest with eight house-made German beers, oompa bands and authentic German food under a big tent at Fulton and Marconi. If you enjoy any of the above items, you would be a fool not to attend. Festivities begin at Noon and last into the evening. Prost!

This also seems like a good opportunity to point out to readers who have not visited in the past year or two that SacBrew has both a new owner and a new Brewmaster. It is still the same old place, but the quality of both food and beer has improved, especially the beer, which is now jaw-droppingly awesome. I recommend a visit.

2 thoughts on “Oktoberfest at SacBrew”

  1. It is at the Sac Brew location, which is the one at Fulton and Marconi in Town and Country Village. The other location is called Sac Brew at the Oasis.

    You are correct, it should be a little clearer, I’ll add it into my article.


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