What’s your perfect weekend?

I was enjoying the ehow.com recently when I came across this article on “How to Spend the Perfect Weekend in Sacramento” and it got me thinking. What is your perfect weekend in Sacramento? This article does a good job of hitting the mainstream spots. But, what is it missing? I know we like to provide information on specific events here at the Sac Rag, but I’m looking for some every week type things to do that I may not find on the Chamber of Commerce site.

Any suggestions?

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11 thoughts on “What’s your perfect weekend?”

  1. Don’t forget to take the dog to the river for an afternoon of swiming and ball chasing (watch out for the park ranger)!


  2. The Metro Chamber could clarify its “Faqs” vs. “FAQS” link font. Made me think– What info could they have for THOSE types that is not applicable to everyone?!?


  3. Perfect Sacramento weekend for me:

    Friday evening — Dinner out with sac-eats at an ethnic dive joint, followed by a show at the Sacramento Comedy Spot or ComedySportz

    Saturday morning — Head up to the Auburn/Foresthill area before the sun comes up to get in a heart-pounding, hilly run on the Western States Trail, make it back just in time to hit the Country Club Plaza farmers’ market (or, if sac-eats is hitting the farmers’ market, I’d stay in Auburn with my friends to grab some grub at Ikeda’s)

    Saturday afternoon — Open all of the windows to the house and take a catnap (or, during the winter, turn on both the electric heating pad and electric blanket, then turn myself into a RunnerGirl quesadilla)

    Saturday evening — Meet up with the Sacramento Epicureans for a lively meal, or take in the Sacramento Philharmonic, Choral Society, or any one of many local theater productions or fundraising benefits going on

    Sunday — Leisurely bike around on the cruiser, hang out at Peet’s for a spell, fix an early dinner to enjoy outside


  4. THIS one!

    Saturday: Hanging with neighbors. Enjoying laughter, wine and cheese, falling leaves, hot cider. Hearth and home.

    Sunday: 80 E to warm City for ’49ers Game. Again, great friends, laughter, beer and hotdogs. Post-game dinner at Spenger’s.

    NEXT one!


  5. O Degrees, the only way for that weekend to be better is if you bought those Niner’s tickets from the manager at JIMBOYS on 29th while scoring a sack of tacos (and extra sauce packets)


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