Beethoven’s 9th at Cathedral tomorrow

Academy Scholar Julie Anne Miller

The Academy at All Hallows, the resident symphony orchestra of All Hallows Catholic Parish, will present Beethoven’s 9th Symphony tomorrow night at 8pm at the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament.

More than 150 musicians and vocalists will perform together when the Academy Orchestra and Chorus join with Nevada County’s Music in the Mountains Chorus to mount this inspirational monument of western art and music. Beethoven, long deaf at the time of composition, rocked the musical world of 1824 Europe with this work of unprecedented scope and vision. The finale, with its setting of Schiller’s “Ode to Joy,” has become one of the most socially important musical works of all time, and is often performed to mark historically significant times–most notably the performance led by Leonard Bernstein to celebrate the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Tickets can be bought for as little as $15 at The performance, which is a benefit for both Cristo Rey High School and John Paul II School, is preceded by a hosted cocktail reception. Charity, Beethoven and hosted cocktails? What more do you need, an engraved invitation?

Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony
Performed by The Academy of All Hallows
Pete Nowlen, conductor
Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament
1017 11th St
Sacramento, CA 95814

The folks at All Hallows are all about good music. Here is my shot of the Latin band Odisea, performing for a disapproving bunch of scarecrows at the fall festival:

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3 thoughts on “Beethoven’s 9th at Cathedral tomorrow”

  1. Will they have cannons? I only go to musical events that have cannons. But I might make an exception for Academy Scholar Julie Anne Miller!


  2. You’re thinking of Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture. Beethoven’s 9th is known for the giant vocal explosion of joy at the end. Easy mistake to make.


  3. One sign of a good conductor is that he can work cannons into any musical work. This “Pete Nowlen” (if that’s even his name) guy is sounding like more of a hack… 😉
    Does the audiance have to may a little bit more for this “giant vocal explosion of joy” . . . Oh never mind.


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