Fargo NOT using issue of KJ’s federal funds misuse

Press release today from the Fargo campaign:

SACRAMENTO–Mayor Heather Fargo today released the following statement regarding the recent radio advertisements about Kevin Johnson having been investigated for misusing federal funds:

“Kevin Johnson was banned by the federal government from all access to federal grants and contracts after investigators said he misused AmeriCorps funds.

“My campaign material does not use this issue against Kevin Johnson; however, an independent committee has.

“In light of the Sacramento Bee story this morning, I hope the independent committee would stick to the facts in their advertising.

“Sacramentans can make their own judgment about federal authorities’ investigation into Kevin Johnson’s misuse of federal funds.”

You got the point, right? She definitely does NOT want to remind people twice in about 200 words about the federal authorities investigation into Kevin Johnson’s misuse of federal funds. Don’t you dare imply that she does.

Author: CoolDMZ

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2 thoughts on “Fargo NOT using issue of KJ’s federal funds misuse”

  1. Wow. This had better be addressed during the debates and moderators had better be prepared to have questions that elicit more than just “he said-she said” squabbles.

    If Fargo thinks that this issue reflects poorly on KJ’s ability to lead and help to manage Sacramento’s budget, so-be-it. Seems like a legitimate argument to make. If it is true.

    The election is soon. I want answers, not politics. Sacramento deserves the truth.


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