Natomas chains halt construction

I was in the Natomas/Truxel area the other day and noticed that the new Sonic/T.G.I. Friday’s construction had all but stopped. Fast forward a few days and the Computer Pages once again come to my rescue.


At the intersection of Truxel Road and Gateway Park Boulevard, construction has been halted for a Sonic drive-thru and a T.G.I. Friday’s, which were scheduled to open two years ago.

Sonic blames the slowing economy for not completing the project. It plans to finish its Lincoln location first.

Two years ago! Man, brutal. I think we can do without another chain restaurant (Hear that, Guy?), but I’ve always wondered what the Sonic was all about. Well, apart from those irritating commercials.

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6 thoughts on “Natomas chains halt construction”

  1. Sonic is about decent burgers, sittin’ in your car atmosphere, and VERY yummy summer slurpee-type things.


  2. That’s funny, I was just by there last week and thinking “They sure are taking their time on that thing,” I used to work up at the Natomas Marketplace for 6 years (Up till a year ago) and walked by there every day. I watched beautiful fields of mustard turn to endless plains of mud and dirt, out of which grew the most horrific, giant glob of strip-malls ever seen.


  3. I think that’s how they build everything in Sacramento:

    1) Buy property. Tear down everything on property.
    2) Fence off lot.
    3) Dig big hole.
    4) Stop.
    5) After many years, board up fence so people can’t see the hole.


  4. That is how they seem to build everything here! I still drive by the Brillheart Shell (was that the name of it?) on Folsom every day and it’s just a fenced off nothing.


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