Edible Sacramento: It’s Incredible, It’s Edible, Get Used to It!

Perhaps the finest issue of perhaps the finest magazine ever just hit local newsstands this week.  Keep your eyes out for fantastic, rich, rewarding, erudite, antediluvian stories about all things edible in our fantastic environs.  More geographic than National Geographic, more fun to read than Reader’s Digest, more regular than AARP Monthly, more titillating than Juggs, Edible Sacramento includes pieces by some of my favorite writers like Hank Shaw, Ann Martin Rolke, and my mother’s favorite writer, me.

Check here for a list of locations where you can pick up Edible Sacramento for free, or check their website, www.ediblesacramento.com for information on subscribing. 

Remember the Edible Sacramento motto: If it feels like ham, don’t wipe your ass with it.

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