Rabbit, Fly

I think my favorite view of the 56′ tall bright red rabbit sculpture, approved by the County Board of Supes last night for installation in the new airport terminal, is the following where you can just see his teeny immense feet:

The yellow suitcase has some sort of vortex on top, symbolizing the swirling nothing that becomes of your time when you decide to enter an airport. Here is artist Lawrence Argent’s proposal for the piece (PDF). My favorite quote: “After much deliberation I chose a rabbit and a suitcase…”

In all seriousness, and putting aside the debate over public art projects in a receding economy, why bright red? Why the drastically different scale for the two objects?

(Thanks to my mother in law for sending me the link)

Author: CoolDMZ

"X-ray vision to see in between / Where's my kimono and my time machine?"

9 thoughts on “Rabbit, Fly”

  1. How much will this wascelly wabbit cost Sac County taxpayers, and couldn’t we just get a tree (SMUD delivers ’em for free) instead? Sacramento being the “City of Trees” and all… I keep seeing an $800,000 figure, but can’t tell if that for all the art, or just for the plastic rabbit committing suicide into the suitcase (or did he fall out of a plane?).


  2. I like it better than the lame robo-birds we got the last time the airport expanded.

    Some genius should open up a BBQ rabbit stand in the food court.


  3. Does anyone remember that movie “night of the leapers?” I think the Board was tripping out hard core this week.


  4. The red rabbit is a huge waste of money in times where the economy is at a low. Put that money toward something better.



  5. Tell Supervisor Roger Dickinson its a waste of money- it was his great idea to bump up (double) the minimum amount that all projects like this have to budget for “art”.


  6. I thought the point of the art was that the rabit was dead- just caught and hanging by his rear legs? OMG- he’s ALIVE??? THat’s ghastly!


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