Tears and Anguish II: More Restaurant Closings (Electric Boogaloo)

The sign of the times is a closed sign. As a follow up to my previous piece, here’s an update on who has closed their doors.

    16th Street Plaza Cafe-A frequent haunt of the nearby state employee population, the 16th Street Plaza Cafe is no more.  They had made a name for themselves with their rustic gumbo on Fridays, but I guess that name didn’t come up enough in conversation to make the business viable.  ‘Teenth, we hardly knew ye.

Melting Pot Rocklin– As reported in the Bee today, Melting Pot is closing its doors after tonight’s dinner service. While the whole fondue concept is not my preferred way to eat, it’s always sad to see folks go under. Thankfully, there is usually enough holiday action at the Sacramento location to keep many of the Rocklin employees on the payroll for the time being.

Also, for those that didn’t catch it the first time, Stickie reminds us that 55 Degrees, Masque, and The Rusty Duck have all called it quits as well.

If you’re planning an office Christmas luncheon, you may want to make it for the first week of November. There’s no telling if your choice of eatery will even be around in December.

Good luck to all entrepreneurs out there. We’re pulling for you.

2 thoughts on “Tears and Anguish II: More Restaurant Closings (Electric Boogaloo)”

  1. I am still upset about Elk Grove Brewing.

    16th Street Plaza Cafe had great breakfast burritos! And flavored cream cheeses!! And nice employees!!



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