What does transit mean to you?

Regional Transit has put together a little Flash game that tests your willingness to pay for certain elements of the Transit Master Plan. By selecting among various options you can see how much your version of the TMP would cost — in aggregate dollars and per-household costs. The game scores your suggestion by its effect on transportation choices, congestion relief, and environmental benefit.

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One thought on “What does transit mean to you?”

  1. Well, if this isn’t indicative of an entitlement minded government agency, I don’t know what is: “We can provide all kinds of services for you, but your taxes need to go up.”

    This agency suffers from a serious lack of ability to think outside the box.
    Um, how about charging a $10 premium once you pass a certain stop going towards the airport on the Downtown-Natomas-Airport LRT line? As an air traveler, I’d be glad to pay a little extra to not pay for parking and worry about the hassle with the car.
    How about getting large employers to subsidize the system so their employees can get to work from an affordable location? This already happens to some degree with downtown employers who will pay for an employee’s parking or their bus pass. But why wouldn’t a right-minded company (and there are lots of us out there) who wanted to make a better city provide a grant in exchange for service? Example: I’ll donate $50k to your effort if you bring the transit to our location.
    If you provide the service the customers will follow and will pay for the system with their patronage. If you send the bus and LRT trips where the people are and need to go, you won’t have room on your buses and trains. But, if you bitch and moan about how much money it’s going to cost everyone and then keep building infrastructure where people aren’t and keep sending buses around with one rider on them, then people like me are going to start to get pissed about how you do waste our tax dollars and we won’t support you.
    I would personally take the bus or light rail if I could get within 2 miles of my office. But RT doesn’t think Rancho Cordova is important, even though we have more office space than downtown does.


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