Election Notes 2008

So, how is your voting experience going? Feel free to comment and share your story.

My polling place is being held at an elementary school. Sort of an odd idea to have a steady stream of adults coming and going while school is in session, but that could just be my paranoia.

I was not asked to show ID as I had voted there before. Another interesting one. I guess I see them working, but would it be that much of a time killer to require an ID every election?

What about the folks that hang signs on the overpasses? Or the groups that gather at major intersections during heavy rains and jump in and out of traffic to get their message out there? The hand painted signs with way too much information to make out as you fly by. Wackiness.

Anyone cashed in on the free Starbucks coffee?

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8 thoughts on “Election Notes 2008”

  1. I have not cashed in on my Starbucks yet but am heading over to Capitol Dawg for a hot dog later! I think you can get election freebies at Ben & Jerrysand Krispy Kreme too in case you need a sugar fix to get you through the day.


  2. From the “Shocker” files…

    News10.net link:

    Starbucks got the word that offering free coffee to people who vote on Election Day violated the law, so now the coffee company is offering a free cup to anyone who asks on November 4.


  3. As a permanent absentee voter, I cast my ballot weeks ago, so most of this is just aggravating at this point.

    The people who I have real issues with are the Yes/No on 8 groups. Do you idiots really think people are going to be swayed by your sign on an overpass? Do you really think that causing a 15 minute delay on Hwy 50 this morning was the right way to get your message out? If I hadn’t voted already, the traffic frustration this morning would have been enough to force me to vote the opposite of what they were preaching from the overpass, for no other reason except spite. Get a life and get off my freeway.


  4. T Mc: So Proposition 10 sounds like a “No” for you, if you want LESS traffic, and not $5 billion worth of MORE cars on your freeway? 😉
    Maybe next year- Prop P: A proposition to place people in prison for public pending proposition protests and pronouncements?


  5. I almost voted no on Prop 3 simply because of Jamie Lee Curtis and her goddamn children’s choir. Someone please buy that woman a baton, at least, the conducting with a pencil thing really irks me.

    What is the deal with Capitol Dawg? Free Dawg?

    And, no, I won’t drink Starbuck’s brand engine cleaner, not even for free.


  6. I’ll post back about Capitol Dawg. A group of folks from my office are walking down there right now.


  7. No free hotdog. I guess it was totally empty so people must not be taking the news well.

    When that Jamie Lee Curtis commercial comes on I can’t get to the mute button quick enough.


  8. Ben & Jerry’s free ice cream is only from 5pm – 8pm.

    Krispy Kreme is also giving away free star shaped doughnuts, but we don’t have any more of those in the area, correct??


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