Election day open thread

voting day in a small town, by Muffet Creative Commons

Well, election day is upon us again. Seems like only yesterday when in reality it was 7 long months ago that we last did this. So this is your open thread for election day: post your funny overheard comments, any frustrations & confusions, police-state shenanigans, etc.

Any wacky activity at your polling place?

Election deadlines coming Friday

The deadline to register as a candidate for the District 1, 3, 5 and 7 City Council offices is Friday, March 12. As of today there will be quite a field, with 17 candidates running, including 5 candidates in Districts 3 and 5. The deadline for District 5 is actually March 17, since the incumbent Lauren Hammond won’t be running (she’s a candidate in the sure-to-be-exciting 9th Assembly district race). March 12 is also the Secretary Of State’s deadline to register for statewide office.

I’m planning take a look at the candidates for the 5th district (my district) in more detail in the next few weeks, in a humorous but fair and balanced manner. So, you know, stay tuned for that.

It’s Voting Time

votedIt’s that time of year again, Sacramentans. Time to vote for the Sacramento News & Review’s “Best of Sacramento.”

Now, in previous years, we at the ‘Rag have been more that solicitous in our asking for your vote for us for “Best Local Blog.” And we will be no less solicitous this year.  But, to start off the voting season, I thought I’d throw a few food and entertainment related ideas your way to prime the pump if you will. Feel free to follow your conscience when voting, as always, but if you’re stumped, these choices probably deserve it as much as anyone:

Best Comedy Club– Sacramento Comedy Spot

Best Bakery– Backer Back in Town & Country is turning out some of the best European breads in town, ditto for Grateful Bread on Fair Oaks Blvd

Best Barbecue– Anything but Texas West. I vote for Big Joe’s BBQ in Citrus Heights Continue reading “It’s Voting Time”

Cost of keeping CA Senators riding in style? $100 mil

CA State Senate chamber
by Flickr user flap

After a legislative committee votes down a 5% salary reduction for state workers, Darrell Steinberg asks his colleagues in the Senate to take a 5% pay cut. A great factoid in that story is that the operating budget of the CA Senate is $100 million. That’s $2.5 million per member. For reference, that is exactly the same size as the Sacramento Fire Department’s budget. But that includes, you know, the pool … er I mean fighting fires and stuff. For a Senate, $100 million just gets you 40 people to show up — you want extras? That costs more.

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Text of Sac Bee’s embarrassing draft post-election editorial

Here is the full text of the cringe-worthy “internal discussion” version of the Sac Bee’s post-election editorial (which was updated yesterday afternoon, here). Items you may need before you read this: vomit receptacle, punching bag, phone number to cancel your subscription.

Editorial: You did it! Uh, so what now?

Published: Wednesday, May. 20, 2009 – 12:00 am | Page 18A
Last Modified: Wednesday, May. 20, 2009 – 9:09 am

Good morning, California voters. Do you feel better, now that you’ve gotten that out of your system?

You wanted to show the state’s politicians just how mad you are at them. And you did. Boy, did you ever.

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Police cops at my polling place?

CHP officer at polling placeI’m not sure of the relevant legal issues but this just “didn’t feel right.” I believe this was a CHP officer doing a speed trap right in the entrance to my polling place this morning on Broadway near 59th Street.

He was perched about 5 feet away from the big sign that said “VOTE.” I’m sad to say that I’m not “in your face” enough to try to get that shot, but it would have been classic.

25 Random Things…(State Budget Edition)

Those of you who are down with the book of faces will know what this article is about from the Santa Barbara Independent newspaper.

Playing off Facebook’s “25 Things About Me” meme [I’ll save you the trouble: “a cultural unit (an idea or value or pattern of behavior) that is passed from one person to another by non-genetic means (as by imitation)”].

A few favorites

3) The Assembly and Senate both passed 34 separate pieces of legislation to enact the budget.

4) These included five separate ballot measures that require voter approval in a May 19 special election; if any is defeated, the budget deal unravels.

12) Governor Terminator, who drove Gray Davis from office by bashing him for hiking the Vehicle License Fee for car registration, last week doubled the VLF to balance the budget.

20) At least three separate ballot initiatives are in the works to get rid of the two-thirds vote requirement for passing a budget.

Which ones do you find especially noteworthy?

KJ proposes to increase mayor’s power

Mayor Kevin Johnson plans to present a voter initiative to increase the power of the office of the mayor, the Biz Journal reports. The office would function as an executive one rather than simply another vote on the council. My hunch is that the voters will probably first want to see whether KJ can actually execute something other than sick dunks 15 years ago, but I suppose it will depend on how he sells it.