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Andy Richter Jack Nance in “Eraserhead”

Film critic extraordinaire and die-hard zydeco apologist DB, launches a new site Monday (November 10), The E Street Film Society. DB writes:

Any of you who have followed my other blogs (The Barnesyard and Movie City USA) know what you are in for, but this blog will lean much heavier towards movie reviews, discussion, and interactivity. My goals are threefold:

1) See every supposedly “GREAT” movie I have never seen.
2) Create a functioning online film society where people can see and discuss movies with each other.
3) Schedule only films available on Netflix (if you do not subscribe to Netflix, I’ll give you a few minutes to catch up with the rest of us here in November 2008…hey, you’re here…heckuva ride, wasn’t it?)
4) Hunt down and kill Osama bin Laden.

I’ll be satisfied if I can accomplish any 3 of these goals.

The community is open to all; simply watch the movies on the schedule and participate in the discussions. DB and crew are a pretty savvy group, so the films he hasn’t seen will likely lean toward the obscure side, but the site kicks off Monday with Kurosawa’s “The Seven Samurai” (which I haven’t seen and would love to, maybe I’ll be an early participant) and the rest of the scheduled films should be classified as only moderately obscure, depending on your usual fare.

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  1. I make no apologies whatsoever for my love of zydeco…it’s adult contemporary banjo music! What’s not to like?


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