A fire inside?

Today is Sacramento’s first “Stage 1 – No Burn” residential wood burning restriction. This means that “…burning is prohibited when air quality is forecast to be 36-40 micrograms per cubic meter unless EPA certified fireplace inserts or stoves, or pellet stoves are used. First time violations will result in a $50 fine or a requirement to attend compliance school, fines for subsequent violations will be higher.”

The funny thing about this policy is that the Spare The Air site states “Sacramento County Only” as the area affected by this law. But, when you scroll down a bit you find this detail:

    Check Before You Burn is in effect in Sacramento County and its cities: Citrus Heights, Elk Grove, Folsom, Galt, Isleton, Rancho Cordova, and Sacramento.

Does “Sacramento” mean anyone with a Sacramento, CA mailing address? Folks who are normally under the City umbrella can burn away? I checked the FAQ document and still couldn’t find anything concrete. Granted, I am not the brightest bulb so if I am missing this important detail, please comment.

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9 thoughts on “A fire inside?”

  1. “First time violations will result in a $50 fine or a requirement to attend compliance school”

    Compliance school? Now there’s a can’t miss idea.


  2. In the venn diagram of the county, the city is wholly enclosed by the county. There is no part of the City of Sacramento that is not included in the County of Sacramento. So no, city residents cannot “burn away.” Just as Sacramento County is within the State of California and subject to its regulations, the City of Sacramento is within the County of Sacramento and subject to its rules.


  3. Thanks, Moe!

    The problem though with your logic is that the City and the County are otherwise frequently differentiated. Sheriff vs Police. Utilities. The dump (are you City or County?)


  4. Yes, but it says the ban is “in effect in Sacramento County and its cities”, and then goes on to list all the municipalities of Sacramento County, including the City of Sacramento. Much like your property tax going to the County, regardless if you live in the City. Or maybe I’m unclear on what is unclear to you.


  5. What if I put a hotdog on my fire? Doesn’t that make it a “cooking device” and therefore exempt? I’m going to keep a hotdog next to my fireplace at all times just in case.


  6. Plus, you get the added bonus of the smell of cooking hot dogs while staying warm!

    I think the interesting thing that no one addressed about this post is: it was 79 degrees today, who, exactly, is going to start a fire in their fireplace?


  7. Do you get a homeowners insurance discount by going to compliance school if you don’t have to go due to a ticket- like going to traffic shool for fun?

    There is a religious purpose exemption, which is why I’ve converted to Zoarasterism. Fire fire fire!


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