Takedown is coming!

Surewest warns subscriber not to torrent Game of Thrones

A local pirate warns (via email-he must have 3G on his ship):

So I got a notice from Surewest that they had detected that I downloaded, specifically, Game of Thrones over bit torrent and they advised that they would monitor for copyright infringement and would terminate service for anyone that is caught abusing the service in perpetuating copyright infringement. Just an FYI. I don’t know what makes GoT special as opposed to all the other shows, but just be careful. No more pay channel torrents for me.

The other local angle to this is that Ashwin Navin, a co-founder of BitTorrent Inc., is totally from Sacramento.

Squeeze Inn Back Inn Business

According to News 10 (and probably several other sources I was too lazy to find) the ADA lawsuit against burger favorite Squeeze Inn has been dropped.

Here’s the strange thing about this whole ADA system: no changes were made to the building, and someone else can come along and sue instead. Of course, if someone else does sue, they’ll be subject to the withering criticism of animal fat lovers everywhere.  I’d go over there today to celebrate, but I’m saving my arterial blockage for the STATE FAIR WHICH STARTS TOMORROW!!!!


Squeeze Out

UPDATE: Bee reports that Squeeze Inn owner will move rather than try to fight lawsuit.  Let’s just hope it’s not to Roseville.

handicapped-adaChalk this one up in the category of “money grubbing, litigious douchebags ruining all of our fun.”  From the Bee:

Aficionados say the burger sold at the Squeeze Inn is perfection (including me), the consummate marriage of bun, ground meat and melted cheddar cheese. But a disabled woman has filed suit, saying the one-time coffeehouse with 450 square feet of space at 7918 Fruitridge Road (left) is anything but perfect. She says the kitschy confines where photos of fishermen, fighters and racers abound break federal law and violate her civil rights.

Here’s the really, really shitty part: the owner of the ‘Squeeze, Travis Hausauer, says that to make the fixes would cost so much that he’d be better closing his doors.

All the facts in the case, from the identification of the lawyer, Jason Singleton, as a wheelchair chaser who goes around finding small businesses that don’t meet all ADA guidelines then finding handicapped people to file suit against them, to the “victim” Kimberly Block, who is apparently a vegetarian (ok I made that up), make this case a grade-a shitball. But it brings this whole issue into regional and — thanks to that loud-mouthed Fieri guy — national focus.

Here’s what should happen and here’s what will happen: What should happen is that these type of ADA code issues be brought before the city or county and not be resolvable by lawsuits. If a disabled person has a problem with a business, they should complain to the city or county, an inspector would go out, issue an order to upgrade the property and/or fine the business. What will happen is that this case will be settled out of court, the lawyer will take the bulk of the settlement, and the “victim” will go about her tofu-eating life. Continue reading “Squeeze Out”

England to the Rescue

england_morrison…Judge Morrison England that is.

In a court ruling today, Judge England of Sacramento, dismissed a charge from a plaintiff that Quaker Cereals had blatantly misled consumers by labeling one of its products as “Crunch Berries” when in fact the product contained no real fruit. First of all, how dare someone try to impugn the character of retired naval hero Capt. Horatio Magellan Crunch. Second this person is obviously an attention seeking moron, who will now probably try to sue Kellogg’s for including no real smacks in its Sugar Smacks cereal. Third, and lastly, Judge England is awesome!

I was fortunate enough to sit in a jury in a trial adjudicated by Judge England, and it was truly impressive. First of all, he’s straight out of central casting: a barrel-chested, deep-voiced, African-American man with graying hair and a stern-but-fair disposition that some judges work their whole careers at creating. Besides that, he’s a fair, even-handed judge that runs his courtroom efficiently. But most of all, he seems to take no personal pleasure in the power that he wields as a judge. If there’s one mark against judges, it’s their somewhat transparent love of their own power. Not with Judge England. He seems to be everything the public looks for in a judge: fairness, toughness, and humility. Don’t be surprised to see him on the short-list of Supreme Court nominees one day.

We need a proposition for this one

News10.net reports that an all-women facility of the California Family Fitness chain of gymnasiums will be forced to open its doors to men due to threat of litigation.

California Family Fitness operates 14 other gyms for both men and women, but kept its Howe Avenue location single-sex because it grew out of a nearby women’s health club known as Living Well Lady purchased by the company in 1997.

The company said it has also modified seven other locations that had separate workout areas for men and women.

I tell you what, these are wacky times we live in. Curves anyone?

A fire inside?

Today is Sacramento’s first “Stage 1 – No Burn” residential wood burning restriction. This means that “…burning is prohibited when air quality is forecast to be 36-40 micrograms per cubic meter unless EPA certified fireplace inserts or stoves, or pellet stoves are used. First time violations will result in a $50 fine or a requirement to attend compliance school, fines for subsequent violations will be higher.”

The funny thing about this policy is that the Spare The Air site states “Sacramento County Only” as the area affected by this law. But, when you scroll down a bit you find this detail:

    Check Before You Burn is in effect in Sacramento County and its cities: Citrus Heights, Elk Grove, Folsom, Galt, Isleton, Rancho Cordova, and Sacramento.

Does “Sacramento” mean anyone with a Sacramento, CA mailing address? Folks who are normally under the City umbrella can burn away? I checked the FAQ document and still couldn’t find anything concrete. Granted, I am not the brightest bulb so if I am missing this important detail, please comment.

University Park HOA agrees to delay tree cutting

As a follow up to my recent pieces about the battle over tree cutting in University Park, that neighborhood’s homeowners association board has a scheduled meeting tonight. The tree controversy will be discussed at the meeting, but no voting will take place. In fact, California civil code prevents the board from discussing or taking actions on items not on the published agenda, which puts the previous vote to remove the trees (cited in my Sept. 29th post) onto shaky legal ground as it was not on the agenda for that meeting:

Continue reading “University Park HOA agrees to delay tree cutting”

AVOID Elk Grove

With the Fair underway, the Sacramento Bee reminds us that there will be a sobriety checkpoint in Elk Grove tonight. Wait, the Fair is in Sacramento, right? Where lots of folks will be drinking? Ok, cool, Elk Grove it is.

The enforcement is part of the statewide “Avoid” campaign funded by the California Office of Traffic Safety through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Interesting slogan. At any rate, if you follow the link on the Bee story (oh, wait, it’s broken, posted on the 13th, too) you will learn more about the program.

The overall goal of the awareness campaign is to let drivers know about the countywide increased enforcement periods and warn drivers that the only way to “AVOID” the county’s law enforcement officers is to drive sober.

Ah, there it is. I get it now. A press release reminds us that party hosts and families must limit drinks to their guests, and to not serve more than one or two over several hours. Stickie, can you hear me?

Be safe out there.