“WTF did you put down your disposal??” PHOTO

I saw this van yesterday on 50 but was unable to snap a good photo. Luckily, Flickr user timballas was!

WTF Plumbing

It looks like this photo was popular on the internets a few years ago but I wouldn’t be CoolDMZ if I wasn’t 3 years late to an internets phenomenon. I actually can’t find any references to this company other than this photo and people using the acronym for its literal usage in relation to plumbing problems. Is this for real?

Author: CoolDMZ

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2 thoughts on ““WTF did you put down your disposal??” PHOTO”

  1. You will not believe this but it is a real plumbing company and I have personal experience with them. It was fairly negative.

    We bought a house several years ago, and the sellers included a warranty with the house, which apparently is customary with older houses.

    The shower fixture went out and I called the warranty company. They sent out this yahoo who looked at it, messed around with it, and declared it unrepairable and hence not warranteeable. He left, I took a wrench, and (easily) removed the screw that kept it from being “repairable” … I called him back and he came back out, looked at it, and still declared it non-warranteeable. Without trying to do anything.

    My impression is that this guy / company is a hired gun for the warranty company and routinely denies warranty requests for the warranty company to make them money.

    WTF, indeed.

    I’m going to take some aspirin now for my chest pain.


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