Worst parent of the week award UPDATED

Davis mom drives to Nebraska to abandon her 14-year old son. Nebraska’s safe-haven law passed in July had no age limit. I’m sure there will be plenty of time to post feel good stories this week so we have something to be thankful for, but this law and some of the stories are just terrible. Happy Monday!

UPDATE 11/25/08 10:02 am It looks like the boy will be returned to Yolo County.

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8 thoughts on “Worst parent of the week award UPDATED”

  1. Horrible! Parent’s shouldn’t have to drive that far, and to add insult, they have to drive BACK after the drop off. Oy vey- the carbon footprint! Maybe just buying a bus ticket (child fare) to Nebraska should be enough. And I’m sure that Mom was just yaking away on her cell phone during the whole drive home. Probably making plans for the weekend involving a fireplace and petroleum products…

    Seriously- would be interesting to follow up on the “Mom’s” history- CPS involvement, police calls to her home, marraige history (where is the dad or “other mom”?), other kids, etc. Horrible story.


  2. There was a very good story about this on 20/20 last week. Showing parents with truly troubled kids – bi-polar, violent, etc. They were not getting any or sufficient help from agencies and this act was like their last cry for help. Some cases have been ridiculous, like the father abandoning 9 kids, but I could see why some people with no resources, family help, etc, might have been taken to that level of desperation after watching that story. Go to abcnews.com and watch it on the 20/20 site.


  3. From the Bee’s reporting today, looks more like California’s system failed this mom, than this mom (*adoptive*, which while noble, is relevant in the context of this story) failing the kid.


  4. “He’s physically abusive to myself and my children,” Lori said. “He raised knives up at us.”

    Imagine that car ride from California to Nebraska…

    “Life is a highway, I wanna ride it all night long!”


  5. The way our society treats and reacts and respects children is horribly twisted. Having read the actual news behind this headline, I have utter compassion and empathy for the mother, who was working full time, had three other (healthy, “normal”) children, and had adopted this young man. It’s evident to me that she had too little support, little or no mental health care, and far too many demands and expectations upon her to allow her to parent effectively.
    Being the mother of two teens, I also understand the child’s need for respect and “unconditional” love–that does NOT mean tolerating bad behavior, BTW. But children need to really feel and know they are valued, and these days, many find that hard. Lots of kids feel extraneous and un-needed, and as economic and social conditions deteriorate, that will only get worse before it gets better.
    When these things go wrong, it’s like an airplane crash, that began from one mechanic over-looking a loose O-ring, and the co-pilot forgetting to check the pressure on some gauge, and eventually it’s a river-landing. I choose to believe that all people are doing their best with what they have got (except Dick Cheney, of course). This mother did not kill her son or beat him, and he may have serious behavioral issues that make it impossible for her to cope. Still, it’s a poor choice, and i can safely say i would never do it, but show some understanding peeps.
    (ps: thank you all for NOT being Bee commenters)


  6. I agree, CoolDMZ. Even Turty Squip thought it was a horrible story though. I think folks here are being understanding.

    I just like to force any The Office reference I can into my comments.


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