Secret Sacramentan: Brian Posehn

Brian Posehn
Creative Commons License photo credit: Steve Scap

Listening to Chris Hardwick’s Nerdist podcast the other day with geek comic Brian Posehn, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Posehn got his start in comedy right here in Sactown. (I’m sure my compatriot sac-eats knew this already but it was news to me.)

It seems that after high school in Sonoma he moved to Sacramento and attended community college, and got his start in the comedy world at age 21 (the lack of all-ages comedy establishments being a reason nobody broke into comedy from Sacramento in days past). The notoriously cranky and foul-mouthed comic actually refrains from bad-mouthing our fair city on the podcast, only claiming that he made a premature decision to try comedy in LA after just a bit of experience here in the late 80s/early 90s. In LA he literally broke his back in a drinking stunt gone wrong. So he had to “press the reset button” on comedy career at about the time the alt-comedy movement of the 90s was really getting going.

To put words in his mouth, leaving this place was probably the best thing that happened to his career. Happy weekend, Sacramento! 🙂

“Vast and gloomy work camps”

ABC News describes the North Korean prison camps that journalists Euna Lee and Carmichael native Laura Ling have been condemned to. This is really scary stuff that makes Guantanamo look like Monte Carlo. My heart goes out to the families and I hope that Hilary Clinton or Bill Richardson or Al Gore can bust some balls and get these ladies freed, foreign policy chess match be damned.

!!! to play Austin City Limits festival

The just-announced lineup for this year’s Austin City Limits music festival includes former Sacramento band !!!. (I thought about ending that sentence in three exclamation points.) The font size of the band’s name on the lineup poster puts them in the same tier as Sonic Youth and The B-52s.

The festival will be held October 2-4 in the Austin of Texas.

Worst parent of the week award UPDATED

Davis mom drives to Nebraska to abandon her 14-year old son. Nebraska’s safe-haven law passed in July had no age limit. I’m sure there will be plenty of time to post feel good stories this week so we have something to be thankful for, but this law and some of the stories are just terrible. Happy Monday!

UPDATE 11/25/08 10:02 am It looks like the boy will be returned to Yolo County.

Thanks for Giving 2009

With all the national attention focused on the worldwide economic meltdown, it’s easy to forget the local effect. Now, more than ever, there are hungry families, struggling citizens, and unfortunate folks in our community that could use a hand.

Check out last year’s post for information on how you can help at local food banks, local athletic fund raisers, and volunteer organizations throughout the city. Be thankful for what you have, and help give others something to be thankful for.

The Paper Chase

My day just starts off wrong if my morning paper is not on the doorstep.

As someone who grew up in a multi-paper-reading family (Auburn Journal***, The Sacramento Bee***, The Wall Street Journal*, The San Francisco Chronicle**, The Sacramento Union*, and The Klam-Ity Kourier* — later known as just The Kourier*, which we received by mail long after leaving the reservation), not to mention the newspaper carrying dynasty my brother and I created along the greater Auburn Ravine Road corridor, I can’t not have my actual morning paper.

It’s no secret that readership and subscription rates of the hard-copy newspaper have plummeted. In my opinion, this is not just because people are getting their news online, but also because the concept of what is “news” has changed, so many people have tuned out. (Really? Your breaking story is about Britney Spears?)

In today’s Forum section, Bee editor Melanie Sill talks about the changes coming to the actual newspaper — different size paper will be used for easier handling by readers and also to reduce the amount of paper used. Continue reading “The Paper Chase”

Product Placement

Today’s Bee reports that Haagen Dazs is donating $100,000 to UC Davis to help find out why honey bees are disappearing at alarming rates. (OK, so I grew up watching Leonard Nimoy’s In Search Of and being frightened about the impending killer bees, and now the nice bees are vanishing? What gives? I want to keep bees.)

What products or companies would you suggest as possible sponsors or tie-ins to other issues plaguing our region, and why can’t I think of how to work Mayor McCheese into any of this?

Colin Quinn: A Geographically-Challenged Jerk

I spent today at the Metro Chamber’s annual Perspectives event, and this year’s theme was “Great Minds Don’t Always Think Alike,” so it was no surprise that someone as flagrantly conservative as Rush Limbaugh would be followed up by someone like Colin Quinn.

I’ve long been a Colin Quinn fan, going back to his Remote Control days; however, today cast him in an entirely different light.

While there were a reported 3,100 people at today’s event, like most happenings in Sacramento, lots of people know each other. Anyone who has lived here for any length of time know that the six degrees of separation is practically non-existent in the 916 (and parts of the 530.) So, these 3,100 people are more of a community, rather than a random grouping of strangers — and this made Colin’s comments especially cutting because they were pointed at one of our own.

What could he have said that was so bad?

Continue reading “Colin Quinn: A Geographically-Challenged Jerk”

Watcha’ Doing This Weekend?

In our ever-diligent pursuit to keep you well informed about the stuff that we, The Sac Rag board of directors, are planning to do with our down time, and consequently what you, The Sac Rag Readers, should think about doing with your down time since we, The Sac Rag board of directors, are screwed in to the local scene like a CFL bulb (since we respect a flex alert too), we bring you another edition of “Watcha’ Doing This Weekend?” In this edition we talk about college football, comedy, outdoor sports, the parting of a local celebrity, and cheese. Continue reading “Watcha’ Doing This Weekend?”

The Beauty of Puns

Let’s put this one in the “unintentionally funny” category.  On the corner of Fulton and Alta Arden, a small massage parlor called VIP Spa used to serve its clients well into the night, seven nights a week.  Anecdotal evidence (and the fact that their blinds were always closed) points to VIP Spa as a house of ill repute or at least a shady pseudo-sexual massage parlor.  Well, move to the present day.  VIP Spa has been shut down for almost a year and the new tenant of the building is a smoke shop called–wait for it– “Blow & Tell.” 

Maybe I don’t give the stoners at B&T enough credit.  If this is an intentionally funny renaming of the property, then my hats off to them for their snarktitude.