We’re not the only ones who report old news

“When coming here today someone hit a pole on Marconi. On Marconi, people just don’t pay attention and it’s foggy. They don’t care if it’s 50 mph in a 30. People don’t care,”

…so is quoted in a story from KCRA on CalTrans’ newly released 2008 California Highway Safety Improvement Program 5 Percent Report (don’t read that title while driving).

According to the study, Sacramento ranks number two (behind Los Angeles) in the number of traffic accident hot spots in the state. The worst spot in Sac? It probably won’t surprise anyone:

Over the past 10 years, Watt Avenue has been the site of 7,800 crashes, according to the California Highway Patrol, while Highway 99 near 12th Avenue hosts three accidents a month. Also, the link between Interstate 5 and 50 averages a crash almost every other day.

Who could have guessed?

8 thoughts on “We’re not the only ones who report old news”

  1. Luckily, people not paying attention and it being foggy is limited to Marconi Avenue.

    One of the observations I continue to make about Sacramento traffic is that it flows steadily for a mile or so then will come to an abrupt stop and then start back up again (from my experience not due to any incident or obstruction). And folks will continue to speed up as if this scenario is not going to repeat. This usually results in an accident.

    Perhaps this helps to explain the high ranking?


  2. What excuse does Marconi have when it isn’t foggy? Or anywhere else in Sacramento?

    I still say that Sacramento residents need another special class of drivers license to be allowed to drive.


  3. Marconi IS a highway, BTW; did you not know that?! I live near it–and hear the firetrucks and ambulances just about every single day. Sacramento has bad drivers because the lay-out of the roads is idiotic. No major road(s) thru town without all the intersections and lights, as most other well-planned cities have.

    Traffic everywhere obeys the theories and postulates of wave mechanics–therefore a slow down for absolutely no reason always hinders/stops flow behind it.


  4. What section of Watt is dangerous? It stretches from roseville to rancho cordova. It is one of the 12 river crossings in the greater Sacramento area. It has god knows how many lights. So yeah it should have a few more accidents than most other roads.

    Why we dont have timed lights, or expressways amazes me. If you have ever been on a road with timed lights it will blow you away. You and 20 other cars dont suddenly go from 45 to zero because 1 car wants to turn off of a side street. It will wait until it knows that there isnt a high probability of many cars being effected for the low priority light to change. Imagine making it through 8 lights in a row. It should be possible if the lights knew that the main streets(google sacramento and all the yellow lines would be considered main streets) main flow of traffic had priority. I mean how many times have you waited at watt and el camino only to wait at butano and then cottage?

    I still remember one time when I was 17. I made it from Elkhorn to El Camino on all greens. I always thought these 2 roads were 20 miles apart. No they were only 5.5 miles or roughly 2 songs.


  5. Why TF is Folsom all red lights outta downtown at 5pm?? Someone answer me THAT?!? Who are the people going INTO downtown/east sac at 5pm from the east? If you work in freaking Rancho, then why TF do you live in Sac? I get living here and working here, and I get working here and living in Rancho, but who lives in Sac and works in Rancho? And who do you pay to fix the lights for you?


  6. “Why TF is Folsom all red lights outta downtown at 5pm??”

    Probably because the city wants you to take another road between Downtown and Rancho. Take a hint!


  7. Yeah? I get between Alhaambra to Folsom proper- but Alhaambra and Trader Joe’s? I got cheap spirits to pick up! And flowers for Mrs. McGee (‘Hi!’ Mrs. McGee! XOXO)


  8. who would’ve thought that highway lines that merge together without warning could have caused so much havoc?

    multiple examples of this occur on the awful merge between the 50 and biz 80. I fear for my life every time I come onto that blind corner.


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