Punching the Bee’s Ticket: Sacramento Comedy Spot Featured

Sure, we all know that Sac hates hip-hop, but the Bee sure loves improv.  Resisting the urge to feature another poorly reviewed movie on the cover of the Friday Ticket, the Bee went with the local angle and featured performers from the Sacramento Comedy Spot.  Stepping away from his usual theater and dance reviews, Bee critic Marcus Crowder does a nice writeup of the shows being offered at the ‘Spot every Friday night.  

Hats off to the small group of folks who work hard at the ‘Spot every week to put on creative, entertaining shows, not least of which director Brian Crall, who busts his ass to keep the place running like a wildly uncontrollable ship without a rudder.  Improv at the Comedy Spot runs every Friday night at 9pm, tickets are $10, presale tix can be purchased on the ‘Spot’s website.

5 thoughts on “Punching the Bee’s Ticket: Sacramento Comedy Spot Featured”

  1. Apparently, the buzz from the article was so big that they’ve added a 10:30 show to the lineup. So, tonight only, two shows, 9pm and 10:30pm.


  2. No, different group. While there are some performers that perform with both groups, the two groups are separate and perform very different types of improv. For more info on ComedySportz, check our Comedysportzsacramento.com.


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