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The Game Guy isn’t just some modern, fly-by-night nerd who focuses only on video games and fancy gaming systems.  No sir: The Game Guy has classic nerd running through his body that been transfused by years of comic books, TSR role play gaming, and Magic: The Gathering.  Despite the satisfaction video games can bring when that competitive itch comes up, there’s something sophisticated and classy about gathering friends together around a board or card game with some brews for a night of gaming.

It dawned me after a hard-fought night of Risk with friends, that Sacramento really needs a game-friendly pub where booths can be occupied by pints and players, without the need to fight against the tools trolling to get a piece at the bar- a place where I could gather at a metaphorical hearth and smoke my metaphorical pipe with other friends (who may or may not be metaphorical).

So I ask you, dear Raggers, do you know of any game-friendly environments at the established drinkeries in our town? I don’t mean the team trivia nights, but the kind where a guy and his five friends can show up with a copy of Zombies! in tow, pint-up, and get their nerd on?

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  1. I’m not sure if it is still running, by Crepeville used to have a game night on Tuesdays or Mondays. While Crepeville is not a pub, you can play games there and get a beer or two.


  2. I remember the Crepeville thing but never attended…not sure if it is still going on. Although it might be fun to drop by with my copy of AWFUL GREEN THINGS FROM OUTER SPACE, or ILLUMINATI…or maybe even CAR WARS.


  3. The Crepeville thing seems to be regularly organized by the Sacramento Board Game Meetup group. It seems like they have a pretty good thing going there. I’m a fan of Crepeville, but I feel like maybe we need to start taking over a pub on a weeknight and subtlely make that a de facto gaming night. Streets of London has their regular trivia night, but does anyone know whether they would welcome board or card games?


  4. Gameguy,

    do you have any board game recommendations for me.

    I’m looking for a strategy game without a lot of overhead (risk takes too long to set up). I love pirateer, but want to mix it up a bit.


  5. Adamant,

    I would heartily recommend the newly-released Risk. Games go remarkably quicker than they used to and a group of five of us finished a game in about 2 hours last Saturday. The new rules allow you to play the truncated version by completing three (out of eight) objectives to win, as opposed to dominating the entire map. You can, of course, play traditional Risk with all of the pieces as well. Great strategy and, now, a low overhead.

    CoolDMZ can add his $.02 in as well as he was the one that wrecked shop in our last game- who knew the Australians were such a formidable foe?

    There is also the barrage of German-based strategy games that started a few years ago with Settlers of Catan. I like Catan, as far as resource-trading, low-action games go- but there is a good amount of strategy to be had there as well.


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