Tre: It Takes a Big Man to Admit When He’s Wrong

So I must be an enormous goliath of a man to say that I love Tre.

I’ll admit it, I was a bit of an asshole when poo-poo’ing the Haines Brothers’ latest endeavor, but I’ve been forced to eat my words as I try to eat everything that comes out of Tre’s kitchen.

I’m telling you, the food is simply awesome, and the menu is enormous — which to me usually spells doom like at those Chinese/Korean/Italian/Barbecue joints that have 256 menu items and prefer that you just order by number — but Tre isn’t like that. (Why do i feel like I’m trying to justify dating some crappy girlfriend that none of friends or family like?)

Anyway, using a play on the name of the restaurant, each major menu item (beef, chicken, pork, etc.) is prepared in three different and distinct ways. (I thought this all just a bit precious when I first heard about it,  but I don’t care, I love this kitchen and everything they do.)  For example, if I were in the mood for lamb, I could go for an herb-crusted lamb tenderloin ($18.95) with rosemary and port wine sauce (yummy), or lamb stew ($14.95) with creme fraiche and a puff pastry topping (uber yummy), or, my personal favorite, lamb sliders ($12.95) with caramelized onions, fig jam, goat cheese, micro greens, and mango aioli (long-term care yummy).  Seriously, the lamb sliders are extraterrestrial they’re so good. 

Plating is comically playful and clever, and the environs are pretty damn special. Here’s a little hint though, take a tour of the place first before you’re shown to your seat.  Feel free to ask to sit in the back or front or side or, in my case, a little further away from the bar, as the vibe there is just a bit loungey. But, and here’s the great thing if you’re just eating, the rest of the joint is totally fun to eat at. The party crowd doesn’t drop by until 10 or 11, which means that us eating enthusiasts have the place to ourselves starting at 5pm.

So go.  Eat.  Be happy.  Revel in my pie-in-the-face comeuppance. Just go to Tre. (Oh, I’m still not a fan of the raw bar.)

Tre-Howe & Hurley, Sacramento

Food **** Service*** Atmosphere***    FLAVER  1$= $.87

3 thoughts on “Tre: It Takes a Big Man to Admit When He’s Wrong”

  1. Having just come back from a Friday night dinner at Tre, I would have to concur on the food. Great presentations, tasty, decent value and large but manageable selection. We liked that they had two sizes of most dishes. Let’s you order several items without getting stuffed. However, if one is just in the market for a dining experience, one might want to consider dining earlier then we did, 8pm, or dining on a weekday. By the time we were finishing up our meal, the meat market was unloading – and I’m not talking about Tony’s Meats. There was ample skin on display, and I’m not talking chickens either. The night time crowd was flooding in. 20 & 30 somethings glammed up for a night out in Sac and on the hunt. And loud, it was becoming a roar. It was amusing at first and then just got louder and louder. At about 10:30 my wife asked the DJ if he could play some dance music, to which he replied “no can do, that doesn’t start until 11”. Nevermind that there wasn’t a single person on the dance floor. Hey, we like to dance! But not with this crowd. I guess we’ll just have to head over to the Torch Club to get our groove on.


  2. Did you try the Kobe Beef Sliders? I think they have become my favorite burger. We took my mother for her birthday on Saturday (on the blog) she loved the lamb stew. The only thing that was disappointing was the crab from the raw bar.. skinny skinny little legs..4oz. and the Duck confit ravioli..tasted like Ragu over frozen raviolis.


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