Epicureanized! at Boon Boon

Mrs Cool and I try to patronize Boon Boon at least every couple of weeks. I heard somewhere that the economy is bad (…), and since Boon Boon is located in a major dead zone, we like to do our part to stimulate the micro-economy of this odd little fusion restaurant.

I’m not accustomed to seeing any other patrons at the ‘Boon, but this particular visit the place was packed, with a massive party of diners who almost filled the place to capacity. The small crew was working like mad — there is usually one one gal manning the counter, with a small cooking crew in the back making with the yummy. The massive group of diners seemed to have a leader who was picking up hosting duties, passing out some appetizers and, ahem, spicy Thai soup. Turns out it was none other than the Sacramento Epicureans and their fearless leader, Paul Somerhausen. I checked in with Paul about their meal.

The evening started with a spicy chicken soup and a small salad. The soup was hearty and full of pieces of tender, yet slightly spicy chicken. Then the rest of the dinner was served buffet style. First arrived the spaghetti and spicy meat sauce, which was surprisingly really good. Not what one would expect at a Thai place. Also, the three flavors salmon, the spicy beef and the fried vegetable tofu. The salmon came cubed and seared, which made it retain much of its moisture and great flavor. The pieces of deep fried tofu were crispy and very tasty in the mixture of stir fried vegetables. The spicy beef lived up to its name, and had strong hints of red pepper and Thai basil. The chicken green curry that arrived later was very good. My personal favorite for the evening. With just enough spice to leave you wanting for more. For dessert we got little rolls of deep fried banana served with rum sauce, which was crispy, sweet, and warm. A very nice finish to an evening full of flavors.

While the location is not the best, and finding it may be challenging, I hope you try to go out there. Bring a few friends and make sure to order multiple dishes and share. One item that we did not sample on this outing, but that I know to be really good is the crab fried rice. Full of big pieces of lump meat its a treat for anyone that loves seafood.

Glad they liked it! As for finding it, it’s behind Subway on the SW corner of Stockton and Broadway — admittedly, not the most sought-after location in town. And to the logistical challenges you can add parking, as the spots would be a tight fit for those new Smart cars. They do, however, deliver.

Boon Boon
3022 Stockton blvd.
Sacramento CA, 95820
Tel : (916) 456-4647

Author: CoolDMZ

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5 thoughts on “Epicureanized! at Boon Boon”

  1. Believe the hype.

    After multiple recommendations for the ‘Boon, I finally checked it out today for lunch. Knowing to look behind the Subway, it wasn’t hard to find. Watch out, however, if you’re entering via the narrow driveway from Stockton Blvd. The mangled stucco surrounding the drive’s entrance indicates that many folks haven’t taken proper precautions.

    Also be aware that the first parking spot might be open, and there is no disabled parking sign at eye level (as there is a few spots to the left); there IS a disabled marker painted on the pavement at the spot’s entrance. I discovered this AFTER I already ate lunch and was relieved that it hadn’t become a $300 lunch, as there was no ticket on my rig.

    There were only two other patrons in the joint when I got there, and only one more person came in while I was feasting on some L1 (that would be stir fried tofu and veggies.)

    As DMZ promised, the food was fresh, plentiful, and flavorful, and the service was fast and friendly. The woman working there was excited when I told her that both my friends CoolDMZ and Epicurean Paulie sent me.

    Do yourself a favor and pay the $1 upgrade for the brown rice — it’s kind of a mixed grain brown rice blend of sorts, but not in a Near East or Rice-A-Roni kind of way.

    Any place that has a stash of magazines out for customers to read is A-1 in my book (Mochii is another such place), so I perused the July ’08 Maxim in favor of the work files I’d brought along.

    I’m not sure if DMZ has pointed this fact out or not, but Boon Boon is a Pepsi place, not Coke. I know this is important to the DMZ and TopofIt fams.

    I’ll definitely be back soon to work my way around the huge menu.

    (I’m trying to incorporate the phrase “shovel ready” in here, as I’ve heard that just as frequently as I’ve heard about Boon Boon.)


  2. Boon Boon is great –they now have cheap lunch specials and beer and wine (if you’re into that). I’ve been going here since they opened and have hooked most of my co-workers on it. As much as I like to have the place to myself (and the service can get a little scattered when they’re a little busy) I want everyone to go here so they weather the economy. Tip about the parking–if you go through Broadway on the random side street there’s a bigger parking lot with more normal parking spaces. Try the Eggplant Tofu. Yum!


  3. Ms R claims to be hooking her co-workers on alcohol for lunch. I hope they aren’t drving back to work after, but I have to respect her pursuasive abilities! All obey Ms R. Hopefully this place will be a boon boon to the long overlooked western Oak Park food scene.


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