Blame it on the Rain

IRONY Alert!

I couldn’t help but snicker at the news alert on KCRA3 today about the City Counsel considering water rationing as I looked outside to the lake that had formed where my backyard used to be.  Just remember people- Dry Land is not a myth!

Oh and because I am mixing my pop-culture references, here’s another picture for you:

6 thoughts on “Blame it on the Rain”

  1. We’re not short of water at all. We are short of water that the State can cheaply collect and SHIP TO SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA.


  2. Totally unrelated to floods, but is the ‘rag trying to track users more now? The homepage keeps trying to upload a file to me. Is this some new flash thing?


  3. I think there was a problem with our cache… at the moment I am not experiencing what I think is the same problem… let me know if it happens again. Thanks!


  4. I’m somewhat embarrassed that it is mine, and that it was a housekeeping issue, and that it was necessitated by a bug which I caused, but the above was our 10,000th comment!!!


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