An Outbreak of Honesty?

I was catching up on the news today when came across this story about two Safeway stores going unlocked on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Police said when they showed up at 3:30 p.m. Friday they found that people had been taking items and leaving money at the registers.

Sounds like an opportunity to dust off the old Sac Rag “Right Awn” right? Not if you read the comments. Ah, the comments…

“This is why I LOVE ROSEVILLE! We are hard-working, trust-worthy people. You would never read a story like this (the honest people part) happening in Sacramento or most other cities.”

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To the woman at the post office

Yesterday morning I stopped by the post office on Arden Way. I had to pick up a package which meant going inside and waiting in line. It was 8:35 a.m. which I thought would be early enough to avoid the crowds. As it turned out, they *offer new hours*: 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., Mon – Fri. So I decided to wait. Like every red blooded American I pulled out my handheld and started pretending to be super into something in an effort to avoid social interaction of any kind.

The “waiting area” began to fill with all sorts of Sacramentans eager to get some mailin’ done. We could all see the employees inside the office fussing about preparing to open. “You are right there, what’s the hold up? OPEN already!” a man uttered breaking the silence.

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More from the non-news

Green, money that is.
Green, money that is.

As CoolDMZ mentioned earlier this week, the non-news (or half-news?) is becoming more and more noticeable.

Take this article from, for example. The headline reads “Trade In Lawn Mower And Save Some Green” which implies that there is a lawn mower trade in opportunity where one can save some money a.k.a. “green” which is good news for anyone.

How would like you like to help the environment and save some green, money that is, at the same time?

I would like me like!

You can trade in your old, polluting, gasoline-powered mower and purchase a new, cordless electric mower.

Cool. Now for the green saving part and I am all set.

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Good news! … sort of … maybe … & report that two Sacramento homeless programs have been flooded with donations since they were featured on Oprah Winfrey’s show last week (yes, last week, I know this story is old news, not trying to scoop here, and stop looking at me like that).

CBS13 also profiled St. John’s Shelter shortly before the story ran on the Oprah show. John’s Shelter for women and children is filled to capacity, thanks to the economy. Executive Director Michele Steeb says the shelter turned away 25 women and children a day in 2007, but that number jumped to 80 in 2008 and is now 130 per day in 2009.

Thanks to the economy“. Nice.

And from the Oprah article:

Tent cities are illegal in Sacramento, but Lisa says that may change soon. “So many people are seeking out shelter because all of the homeless shelters are filled beyond capacity, that they’re actually thinking about legalizing tent communities, and the city is actually thinking about providing services,” she says. “Surprisingly, the community has been extremely sympathetic because so many people in Sacramento have gone into foreclosure. … The shelters say that people have actually been donating more because the attitude is ‘I’d rather spend money so that people can have shelter than buy new material stuff.'”

If you are actually interested in learning more, watch the video of Lisa visiting Tent City.

Fairytale Town celebrates 50

Folks may be surprised to learn that Fairytale Town opened its doors on August 29, 1959!

Of course you already know that…

Fairytale Town is a nonprofit family park with more than twenty three-dimensional child-size play sets based on favorite fairytales and nursery rhymes. A family of friendly animals and children’s gardens nestle in this safe and colorful place. Fairytale Town’s mission is to promote the imagination, creativity and education of children.

Yesterday they kicked off a two-week book drive.

…families bringing in a new book to Fairytale Town March 2 – March 16 will receive one free child with a paid adult admission. All books will be donated to Woodbine Elementary School here in Sacramento.

Be sure to check out their calendar as they are celebrating all year long (with a new site on the way, too!)


Sac Food Bank turkeys get big turnout

I think this qualifies as heartening news. Mrs Cool reports that the line outside the Sacramento Food Bank for the thousands of free turkeys being given away today — courtesy of a food drive last week sponsored by KCRA — was around the block. As sac-eats pointed out, this is a great week to do some good.

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Thanks for Giving 2009

With all the national attention focused on the worldwide economic meltdown, it’s easy to forget the local effect. Now, more than ever, there are hungry families, struggling citizens, and unfortunate folks in our community that could use a hand.

Check out last year’s post for information on how you can help at local food banks, local athletic fund raisers, and volunteer organizations throughout the city. Be thankful for what you have, and help give others something to be thankful for.