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Green, money that is.
Green, money that is.

As CoolDMZ mentioned earlier this week, the non-news (or half-news?) is becoming more and more noticeable.

Take this article from, for example. The headline reads “Trade In Lawn Mower And Save Some Green” which implies that there is a lawn mower trade in opportunity where one can save some money a.k.a. “green” which is good news for anyone.

How would like you like to help the environment and save some green, money that is, at the same time?

I would like me like!

You can trade in your old, polluting, gasoline-powered mower and purchase a new, cordless electric mower.

Cool. Now for the green saving part and I am all set.

SMUD has two sizes available, a smaller one for $189 and a larger model for $289. But to get the deal, you need to register online at or by telephone at 1-888-742-SMUD on March 18 beginning at 11 a.m. There will be 900 mowers available. Registration is first-come/first-served.

Hmmm. Am I missing the green saving part? You know, the part from the headline that drew me to this article?

Well, after visiting then another click (can I just be sent to this page directly? please.) I ended up here.

With the trade-in of an old gasoline-powered mower (which must be drained of fluids prior to being accepted), the price for the new rechargeable mower is $189 (tax included) for the 14″ mower and $289 (tax included) for the larger 19″ model. These prices reflect a savings of over $200 off the regular retail price.

There, now how hard was that?

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  1. Wow, your post got you a real lawn mower suggestion. As if you were really looking. It’s just like the ‘non news’ as is the commenter is ‘non relevant’ if that makes any sense.


  2. Save even more with a new Black & Decker MM875 “Lawn Hog 12 Amp 19-Inch Electric Mulching Mower with Rear Bag”: $279.99 on Amazon. Save $10 off the price of SMUD’s, not to mention sales tax. You probably loose some on shipping, but you don’t have to drain the fluids and transport your old gas mower- just roll it to the curb and someone in need of a mower will take it.


  3. Yeah, Nick, born and raised. Great place to grow up, Davis. Wonderful people, bicycle friendly, you can’t beat it. Some people give us a hard time cause we’re all into helping the environment and saving money, but you know what? Hey! wait a minute…why you…


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