SN&R: Josh Pane backing ballot measure to stop mermaid bar

The News & Review’s Cosmo Garvin reports that former City Councilman Josh Pane is “mounting a campaign stop the mermaid bar on K Street” and several other businesses being funded by a recent city council subsidy.

The $6 million subsidy came from a special fund set aside to support redevelopment projects by local developer David Taylor.

That just doesn’t sound right, does it? But I know that government cheese has always been around, and that there are probably businesses up and running today on the grid who wouldn’t be here if not for government cheese. Likewise I’m sure that my knee-jerk reaction against this particular subsidy would set me up as a hypocrite if the council were to subsidize a midtown Barnes & Noble, or a 65th St. Target. (Send your angry anti-corporate e-mails to:

Also: the over-30 dance club would be called “Frisky Rhythm”? Gag me with a spoon…

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6 thoughts on “SN&R: Josh Pane backing ballot measure to stop mermaid bar”

  1. I thought you were joking about the name of the over-30 dance club. Sadly, you weren’t. That alone should be enough to stop this.


  2. You’ll love the name Frisky Rhythm as soon as the matrix makes the appropriate software updates, but in the meantime…

    It does seem unfair that midtown bars and restaurants will face subsidized competition in the middle of a recession. K street is a money pit, and I could imagine a lose/lose scenario where a bunch midtown businesses go under while revitalization of k street fails as it always does. I’m on board with stopping the mermaids


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