Whatcha doin’, Mr. Munson?

Ah, humor. You remember humor, right? Laughing, chuckling, ROTFL’ing (for the kids). We could all use a little does of low brow levity, right?

The Sacto 9-1-1 brings us the following onion-esque jewel

A dispute over bowling etiquette grew into a fight, an alleged assault with a bowling ball that knocked out one man’s tooth and an arrest in Rocklin early this morning…The alleged assault occurred about 12:40 a.m. at the Rocklin AMF Lanes at 2325 Sierra Meadows Drive when two groups of bowlers got into a fist fight, Rocklin police Sgt. Terry Jewell stated in a news release…Two bowlers had approached the lane at the same time, and their dispute over who had right of way grew into a brawl involving six people, Jewell said.

The photo of the alleged assailant is a little too onioney. Are we being had?

Author: RonTopofIt

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One thought on “Whatcha doin’, Mr. Munson?”

  1. The guy who lost the tooth had a spare.

    The arrest resulted in the bowler getting his third “strike” under California’s “three strikes” law.

    The brawl involving six people originally involved 9, but three were knocked down in the first frame.

    The fight started then one man told his partner to “get his mind outta’ the gutter.”

    woo hoo!


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