KXJZ gets real on “Tent City”

From a piece on Wednesday by Cap Radio, it turns out that the tent city is not a creation of a down economy:

“I’ve heard anywhere from 100 to 1200, and I’ve heard anything from 100 new tents a night to 50 new people a week.” 
Uh, no, says Zoulas.  He thinks there’s probably between a hundred and 130 people here at any given time.  And Zoulas says he doesn’t know of a single one of them here because of the down economy.

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  1. I frequented this and the adjoining areas for years as a resident of north midtown who loves quiet walks with the puppy. This has always been an area that held a small homeless community… the difference is that they used to hide their tents among bushes and trees. After a fire burned down the Union Pacific bridge in 2007, the UP guards/patrols stepped up their efforts to keep the campers out of the brush.

    Sacramento recently completed another survey of the homeless population.. I am curious to know how the results of this survey (probably the most reliable tally available) compares with the impressions of these police officers…. and who did these cops piss off to pull homeless camp duty? Not an enviable job.


  2. From the article about crime in the area…

    Eric: “Just don’t do anything you wouldn’t want done to yourself. If you do, there’s more of us than you, you know what I mean? Kinda govern ourselves a little bit, make sure nobody’s getting too badly beaten up around here.”

    What a novel concept. Well said.


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