Sac City open enrollment back on

SCUSD announced today that open enrollment for SCUSD is being conducted this week, and parents will be notified next week.

Previously: Via the SCUSD Observer blog we learned that the SCUSD Board of Education held an emergency special meeting on 3/26, but sent the announcement about the meeting and distributed the agenda at 3 p.m. that day, in violation of the board’s own policy requiring 24 hours public notice of a special meeting. Nothing gets CoolDMZ fired up like not giving proper notice about meetings. The board posts video of its meetings “the next business day,” but go figure, the video of this meeting has yet to be posted (as of 3/31).

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4 thoughts on “Sac City open enrollment back on”

  1. Well count me as one reading your posts…I teach in the district and am learning more from following your updates than anything the district sends us.


  2. This is no way to recruit families to enroll. Our son currently attends a private school; if we could get into the school of choice, we would switch over. Which you would think SCUSD would want to encourage. But with all this uncertainty…


  3. I’m a parent waiting with annoyance for results from an open lottery results…but a headline screaming that the enrollment was canceled (even with a “?”) at the end, is a bit over the top, considering the SCUSD site says it is on hold–presumably until final decisions are made about which schools will be used for which purposes. Open enrollment cannot be canceled–it’s the only way some schools (such as Phoebe Heart and, I believe, Camellia Basic) enroll first-graders.


  4. vegadelic – I guess I didn’t make it too obvious but I’m in the same boat, waiting on the open enrollment lottery. I am not positive but I’m pretty sure the district could suspend open enrollment if they wanted to. They’re obviously not just going to come back Monday saying it’s back on with no changes. But you’re right, it was a bit over the top. Let us know if you hear anything!


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