Casting call: “Up All Nite”

nitelifBob Shallit reports that a local film company is holding auditions Saturday for a new local entertainment and nightlife show called “Up All Nite” that will be debuting on April 23.

“It’s ‘Entertainment Tonight’ meets ‘TMZ,’ ” says executive producer Roxanne Avent.

Isn’t that just called “TMZ”? Producers are seeking a female lead to co-host with Sac native Craig Jackson, host of VH1’s “I Love Money,” which I haven’t seen and which I kind of wish I didn’t know existed. Or it is genius, I can’t tell. They are also seeking a score of “reporters” to cover Sacto nightlife. Anybody trying out?

I like to poke fun, but being a major TV junkie, I know I’m going to watch this when/if it makes it to air. I hope that the DTV switch will bring more odd local programming like this, but so far DTV is sort of a bust, IMHO (programming-wise). There are some good developments though, and this sounds like it could be a full post, so stay tuned for my reviews of local TV programming after the DTV switch…

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9 thoughts on “Casting call: “Up All Nite””

  1. I can’t wait for this, I’m really looking forward to the auditions AND to learning new things about Sactown!


  2. They’re going to love covering Frisky Business or whatever it’s called, the Mermaid bar.


  3. Aw I’m sad that I wasn’t able to go! But I did happen to see the audition pics at


  4. SFChick: I totally remember what you’re talking about — that show came a few years after Friday Night Videos (different station, though). Up All Night played really bad movies, from what I recall.


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