How can the folks at Bonney Plumbing live with themselves, knowing their new radio jingle COMPLETELY rips off the old Sacramento vanilla_ice-to_the_extreme_album_coverUnion one?

No long-term Sacramentan could ever forget the Union’s “Four forty-four fifty five five five. That’s the number for the classified!” Fast forward a couple of decades, and now Bonney is singing the “four forty-four” tune. That is SO not cool.

This might go down in the annals as one of the landmark copyright cases. I’m just reminded so much of that Vh1 interview of Vanilla Ice explaining that “Ice Ice Baby” has one more quarter note (actually, I think it’s a hemidemisemiquaver) than Queen’s “Under Pressure.” And I quoth, “See Queen’s is din din din dindindindin, and mine is din din din dindindindin ch.” (The “ch” is the high hat — you know, with the souped up tempo. I’m on a roll; it’s time to go solo.)

Note to Mr. and Mrs. Bonney (who seem like lovely people, by the way): Just don’t touch the old “GET IT NOW! AT FLORIN ROAD TOYOTA” with the entire staff singing along, and we’ll be fine.

6 thoughts on “Jinglethievery”

  1. The “Jamie’s Cryin'” case was settled out of court, from what I remember from a copyright law course I took a few years ago. There’s no telling what may come of Sacramento Union v. Bonney Plumbing.


  2. hahahahaha! I’m so glad Im not the only one who heard this and thought “wait, this seems familiar yet, wrong?.”


  3. ‘member:

    “Come on out to where service and deals are the best
    See the Big Seven dealers on Florin Road West”.

    And for some MAJOR LEAGUE nostalgia, especially for those of us who were coked up insomniacs in the late 70s and 80s,,,,


  4. I don’t know much about the Sacramento Union jingle. All I know is that you take your life in your own hands when you start ‘dissing’ The Iceman around me.

    I celebrate the man’s entire catalog- stolen and origi… well ok, stolen.


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