NY Times covers CA furloughs

The Bee’s State Worker blog linked to a piece in the New York Times (registration required): “On furlough, but never leaving the cubicle,” by Times reporters Susan Saulny and Robbie Brown. It profiles a few state workers who are dealing with furloughs. Some, like Wendy Roberson — a state worker “in California,” — gee, that narrows it down — haven’t actually been able to take her assigned unpaid leave:

“Sometimes it’s just too busy at work,” said Ms. Roberson, whose pay was cut in February as part of the state’s effort to close a multibillion-dollar budget deficit. “You start to feel guilty.”

Roberson has other tricks up her sleeve, however:

To make extra money, Ms. Roberson teaches belly-dancing at girls’ birthday parties on weekends, something she has been doing more of lately.

A growth industry if there ever was one! By the way, it may just be me but between the State Worker blog and Capitol Alert it seems like “blogs” on sacbee.com are where all the action is.

Author: CoolDMZ

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