Kids art studio ArtBeast opens today

ArtBeastToday is the grand opening of a new venture called ArtBeast:

ArtBeast Studio provides open studio space, arts exploration rooms, and loads of classes so that children can dig into the arts.

It benefits the awesomely named Tubman House. For parents of little kids this is a godsend — both because of the budget and because of the lack of things to do in Sac when it is hot or raining. And I can’t say enough about the fact that they have a “pledge to the shy.” In addition to arts & crafts they have puppets and costume stuff and a music room, and in addition to free range play ArtBeast will also offer a number of organized classes. Perfect for preschool age kids or homeschooling families. This might be the coolest thing to ever hit the 916, family fun-wise. Not to mention the pretty slick Web design!

ArtBeast Studio
2226 K St.
(916) 441-1233

Author: CoolDMZ

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5 thoughts on “Kids art studio ArtBeast opens today”

  1. I just got the review back from two friends a little while ago and they both loved it as did their kids. They also have a ‘soft’ room for infants to hang out and play in while their siblings are doing art.


  2. ArtBeast is a fabulous place. The kids have so much fun. My girls (ages two and five) and I have been there three times so far and still haven’t had a chance to explore everything. They especially love all the art opportunities (and I like not having the mess in my house!).


  3. Seriously, I love this place. It’s exactly what you would hope it to be. My 9-month-old really enjoyed himself all afternoon; even the “big kid” stuff was easy to adapt for him and the soft room for infants entertained him for a very long time!! It’s air conditioned! It is a very welcoming and relaxed place, clean, spacious and seriously fun. I pretty much want to rent a room there and move in for the rest of the summer. Of note: they have coffee. 🙂


  4. I really think they lucked into awesome timing with all the parks becoming basically unusable. I hope they do well and create a market for more stuff like this in town


  5. I graduated from tubman house and mite i say. words I cannot say its not enuff. they just on keep giving back to the communitity. Thank you so much for being there


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