Happy Birthday Dinger!

Sacramento needs a mascot. A crusty old prospector? A river otter? Wine grapes? A vampire?

Until this happens, we’ve got Dinger, who turns 10 today and is having a Birthday Bash. Today’s game against the Reno Aces begins at 1:00, but the real action starts at Noon with Mascot Kickball. 18 mascots from across California will do battle in the classic schoolyard sport of champions. Guests include some awesome mascots, such as the dapper USF Don, the UOP Powercat, and Poppy, and some not-so-awesome, such as the PG&E Helmet (which sadly resembles a form of birth control), the creepy Mr. Jelly Belly, and MacGruff the Crime Dog, who simply worries me with that trenchcoat.

Have a great celebration, Dinger, and go Cats!

5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Dinger!”

  1. Good lord in heaven. We may set a world record today for most mascots dying in one spot of heatstroke.

    Those poor bastadges. My guess is those suits will be a mite ripe this evening.


  2. I have had a bit of experience in the “giant freaky costumed creature” business…. The things they have planted in the costumes to keep them cool is impressive…. strategically placed bags of Blu Ice, battery operated fans, Camelbacks, and more.

    They are earning their critter food today, for sure!


  3. That’s my ONLY complaint of baseball in Sacramento. Even for night games, you’re blinded by the sun until about the fourth inning. Such a beautiful yard though.


  4. Last two RiverCats games I went to, Dinger was out and about about 10 minutes, at most, out of each three hour game. I like him but that’s just lazy and weak. I’ll vote for Slamson, at least you SEE him during the Kings games.


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