The Koz is Back

jim-kozimor-96eGood news/bad news:

Good news first. Jim Kozimor, beloved sports announcing personality here in Sacramento, has gotten a chance at a second go-around with KHTK 1140. His new show, starting today, will air weekdays from 12-4 and will undoubtedly feature Kozimor’s candor, humor, and boyish good looks. Most of Sacramento was sad to see Kozimor laid off from the Maloof Sports and Entertainment broadcast team, and is happy to see Koz back on the air. While there’s no official name yet for the new Kozimor show, we at the ‘Rag suggest the following: “The Offical Report of Koz-ickstan,” or “The Kozy Korner”, or “The Sunshine Happy Goodtime Hour.”

Bad news. One of the reasons that this opportunity opened up in the first place is that the Mike O’Meara show, formerly the Don & Mike show, has been dropped from the Washington station from which O’Meara broadcasts. Many of us were devout listeners to the rowdy, smart, and media-centric show out of D.C. and will be sad to see it go, probably for good.

5 thoughts on “The Koz is Back”

  1. Can’t really get worked up about Koz. He might be a nice guy but the few times I listened to him on the radio he started off on right wing political rants, denying impact of global warming, and suggesting that the wayward whales in the sacramento river should be killed because he was tired of talking about them or hearing about them. Then watching him on HPL, it struck me that he had about as much knowledge of BB as your average fan. At least KC was had insights into the game and players and was interesting to listen to. I could care less about Koz. Sorry….


  2. Yeah- other bad news- there is more sports talk on the radio. BORING! How ’bout Koozy-snoozy? BecKoz most of Sacramento didn’t care one whelk about him or the Maloofs. If only the rest of the media-centric shows out of D.C. would go the way of the Kings (oh, BURN!)…


  3. The Don & Mike show was fun I listened for about 10 years, but after Don left I could not listen to Mike along with the others. Those guys had some great events here in Sac… the Las Vegas Style Show at the Memorial Auditorium was something I’ll never forget.


  4. I attended the Las Vegas Style show along with a friend who made the mistake of bringing his wife… We had to leave right after the Monica Lewinski Cigar Contest.

    I’m a big fan of low budget jeapardy though.

    Koz Sux.

    That is all.


  5. That Las Vegas Style show at Memorial was out of control. I went with three friends, and we were so glad that we happened to run into my brother who essentially acted as our bodyguard when we were leaving, as 99% of the audience consisted of drunk guys who’d just watched the only other females in attendance doing some fairly eyebrow raising things on stage and the jumbo tron. We’ll just leave it at that, folks.

    The following year out at the Sleep Train amphitheater was considerably more chill.


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