MSA’s mockage makes Joan Rivers drop an F-bomb

You’ve probably already seen this, but Good Day Sacramento and Mark S. Allen made TMZ (again) today with this deliciously awkward clip in which Mark S. Allen tries an awkward put-down on Joan Rivers and Rivers responds by dropping an F-bomb on live morning TV.

Author: CoolDMZ

"X-ray vision to see in between / Where's my kimono and my time machine?"

6 thoughts on “MSA’s mockage makes Joan Rivers drop an F-bomb”

  1. Howard Stern will likely pick up the clip. He’s got a knack for audio like this — and no better timing since his sidekick, Robyn Quivers, is roasting Joan Rivers on Comedy Central this weekend.


  2. My debut on Good Day will hopefully air sometime this week as I just popped into Noah’s to get a bagel and they were doing a live (?) shot out front. Cody Stark (I think, I have no clue) tossed out a random question and my coworkers and I just glanced back and then slammed the door. Man this show is dumb.


  3. I love it when folks from the outside see things the way we (ok, ok, the way *I* do) …

    Two years ago, Mark S. Allen, the entertainment douchebag for Good Day Sacramento (yes, it really exists, and isn’t just a fanciful platform from which to launch the latest Katherine Heigl vibrating-panty vehicle) had to apologize publicly to Janet Jackson and Tyler Perry for doggedly pursuing a line of NippleGate questioning during an interview that infuriating both them and viewers.

    Entertainment douchebag. Ha!


  4. Matthew was right, Stern played the clip today on his show. He took Joan’s side and commented on the hosts apologizing for Joan’s profanity as they “didn’t see that one coming.”

    The gang also mentioned that they were sure Joan Rivers was a big time guest for Sacramento.


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