Sacramentans getting lucky abroad

No, this is not about sex tourism. First, we had journalists accused of spying in Korea getting freed by Big Dog Bill. Now we have a local musician narrowly escaping imprisonment in Iran.

Former Cake bass player Shon Meckfessel was traveling with the three backpackers who are being detained for espionage for crossing the Kurdish border into Iran. Meckfessel likely would have joined his traveling companions, but he had a cold and decided to recuperate in his hotel.

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5 thoughts on “Sacramentans getting lucky abroad”

  1. In one case, they were trying to sneak in to get a story, which is stupid if you’re really into living a safe, comfortable life but smart if you’re a journalist who wants to make your name doing risky things–it’s just that doing so can get you hurt or killed sometimes. In the other case, they didn’t mean to go into Iran, it was an accident–some people just like to wander in unusual places. Shon is far from dumb–this is a guy with two master’s degrees who also drove trucks for a living, he just likes life in big bites. Again, having an exciting, interesting life can also be dangerous, in the same way that hang-gliding or running with the bulls in Spain and other deliberately dangerous activities are kinda dumb but sort of teach you what you’re made of.

    To folks who like a more sedate style of life, they can seem kind of stupid. But some others would rather be dead than live like that… who are we to judge?


  2. Yeah- the North Korea bimbos are just plain stupid. These guys weren’t exactly smart for being in Iraq, but it’s their vacation- who am I to say where you should go? You get lost, it’s an accident. So I feel bad for them. Oddly, if they were taken by a terrorist group for ransom/other, I wouldn’t feel that sorry for them- that’s a risk of not going to Maui for a week.


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