Squeeze Inn Back Inn Business

According to News 10 (and probably several other sources I was too lazy to find) the ADA lawsuit against burger favorite Squeeze Inn has been dropped.

Here’s the strange thing about this whole ADA system: no changes were made to the building, and someone else can come along and sue instead. Of course, if someone else does sue, they’ll be subject to the withering criticism of animal fat lovers everywhere.  I’d go over there today to celebrate, but I’m saving my arterial blockage for the STATE FAIR WHICH STARTS TOMORROW!!!!


2 thoughts on “Squeeze Inn Back Inn Business”

  1. I read a different article (maybe kcra? I’m lazy too) that made it sound like he had already bought the new property and is moving anyway.


  2. Yeah, from sacbee.com

    “If you had a good arm, you could hit the new location with a rock from the place where we are now,” said Hausauer.

    You know, if you had a good arm.


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