Keith Lowell Jensen’s “To The Moon … Live at Luna’s”

Keith Lowell Jensen: To The Moon... Live at Lunas
Keith Lowell Jensen:
To The Moon...Live at Luna's
Some of the best stuff on Keith Lowell Jensen’s debut comedy CD, “To the Moon … Live at Luna’s” comes at the beginning of the record; Jensen turns a throwaway Light Rail Drivers joke into an extended piece about remixing the joke for different audiences, and segues from that into a great series of jokes about performing in small town “comedy clubs,” building to a great bit about parents who bring their kids to bars, with a classic R-rated punchline. In fact, beneath his “alt comic” veneer there are lots of classic comic skills behind KLJ’s act. He does pretty slick segues (except for one groaner, you’ll know it when you hear it) and keeps his bits threaded into the act, such as his comment about the phrase “I’m just saying.” He seems very comfortable mining his personal life for his act, with some raunchy jokes about his wife’s pregnancy and his own childhood and educational experiences at “Success High.” But he seems equally comfortable in lots of other areas like Windows Vista and tech support.

KLJ has a well developed comic persona — a detached point of view on “normal” 30-something topics. He sums it up well when explaining how he was labeled “hella gay at being straight.” If you’re already one of KLJ’s legion of fans, or if want to see what’s going on with Sacramento comedy, pick up this album today on Amazon. Or better yet — go check out his act tomorrow night and score a free copy of this fine debut album.

What: Keith Lowell Jensen “To The Moon… Live at Luna’s” CD Release Show
Who: KLJ, Mike E. Winfield, Kelly Pryce, Marcella Arguello, Ray Molina.
When: Wednesday August 26th, 8pm
Where: Punch Line
How Much: $15, includes a copy of “To The Moon.”
More Info:, (Jensen’s site)

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