Coexist? Comedy Tour film needs a kickstart

Keith Lowell Jensen

My favorite local raconteur Keith Lowell Jensen is seeking funds through Kickstarter to finish a Coexist? Comedy Tour documentary the troupe has in the works. Looks like they have about 2 days left to make about $5,000.

If you’re in the dark, The Coexist? Comedy Tour was a tour made up of a Jew, a Muslim, a Christian, a Hindu, a Budhhist and an atheist comedian, the atheist being your’s [sic] truly.

The way Kickstarter works is that the pledges will be returned if the sought goal is not met.

Kickstarter: The Coexist? Comedy Tour Documentary Film

Who doesn’t like Discount Jazz?

Those chickens were mighty tasty
Those chickens were mighty tasty
I was hungry, so my trusty dog and I were chasing the wild chickens that inhabit hobotown on the North side of Boulevard Park. Hot on the trail, we crashed under a chainlink fence and were surprised to find a musical combo practicing their hot licks. We sat in the dirt and enjoyed their raising a ruckus for the local hobos that tolerated their caterwauling so they could cop a squat next to their barrel fire and catch a whiff of their manly musk. We passed a jug, kicked the dirt and roasted chickens until the night became blurry and uncomfortable.

Thankfully, I had forgotten most of that night until today, when I saw an ad for a hootenanny at Luna’s tonight. Sure enough, it was those two fine smelling gentlemen grinning out from the photo, bringing back terrible memories of undercooked poultry and a two week battle with the hobo flu. The only good recollection I have of that night is the toe tapping tunes and sharp wit of the Freebadge Serenaders that had me holding my belly with laughter and indigestion.

Keith Lowell Jensen’s Wednesday Night Comedy
Luna’s Cafe and Juice Bar (1414 16th Street)
8pm, $5

Keith Lowell Jensen’s “To The Moon … Live at Luna’s”

Keith Lowell Jensen: To The Moon... Live at Lunas
Keith Lowell Jensen:
To The Moon...Live at Luna's
Some of the best stuff on Keith Lowell Jensen’s debut comedy CD, “To the Moon … Live at Luna’s” comes at the beginning of the record; Jensen turns a throwaway Light Rail Drivers joke into an extended piece about remixing the joke for different audiences, and segues from that into a great series of jokes about performing in small town “comedy clubs,” building to a great bit about parents who bring their kids to bars, with a classic R-rated punchline. In fact, beneath his “alt comic” veneer there are lots of classic comic skills behind KLJ’s act. He does pretty slick segues (except for one groaner, you’ll know it when you hear it) and keeps his bits threaded into the act, such as his comment about the phrase “I’m just saying.” He seems very comfortable mining his personal life for his act, with some raunchy jokes about his wife’s pregnancy and his own childhood and educational experiences at “Success High.” But he seems equally comfortable in lots of other areas like Windows Vista and tech support.

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Keith Lowell Jensen’s first comedy CD available now

Keith Lowell Jensen: To The Moon... Live at Lunas
Keith Lowell Jensen:
To The Moon...Live at Luna's
Local comedian and Renaissance man Keith Lowell Jensen‘s first comedy CD, “To The Moon… Live at Luna’s” is now available on

I’ve never actually caught Keith’s act, and I’m not sure the “Coexist Comedy” thing is my cup of tea, but I have been a big fan of stand-up comedy since I was a kid, and I have an affinity for the Renaissance man. KLJ is all over the map and I love that.

Watch this here web log in the near future for a review of the album.

Best Comedy Weekend of the Year

I know, I know, you’ve all got 153 Christmas parties to attend this weekend, but really, it’s the same old party every year. Get out and see some comedy instead of discussing your crappy 401k returns with your neighbor. There are several awesome shows this weekend featuing local talent and special guests from as far away as Daly City. Ooooo, Daly City. I know, it’s totally exotic.

Comedysportz Sacramento– with special guests Oui be Negroes. Friday and Saturday at 8pm.
Comedysportz plays fast paced improv appropriate for all ages. Special guests, San Francisco improv troupe Oui be Negroes will be on hand to take it to the local team. Come see a balzing fast ComedySportz match at 8pm, then stay for the midnight show at 10pm!
Tix are $12. 2230 Arden Way-Suite A.

Sacramento Comedy Spot– Friday and Saturday at 9pm, improv at the Comedy Spot. Friday’s show presents Anti-Cooperation League, the best long-form group in Sacramento. Saturday night is an improv battle pitching last month’s winners, Dabble, against SF team, Crisis Hopkins.
Tix are $8 Friday and $5 Saturday. BYOB. 1716 Broadway.

Coexist Comedy Tour– Friday at 8pm @ the Crest Theater. Frequent commenter (although MIA for quite a while) KLJ joins forces with four other comedians, each of which has a different slant on the hereafter and the after-party.
Tix are $25