Second Saturday: Sneak Peek inside the Artists’ Studios

Center for Contemporary Art, Sacramento
Center for Contemporary Art, Sacramento

Looking for the best of Second Saturday? This weekend offers a unique glance at more than 90 Sacramento artists’ studios—all within a 4-mile, bike-friendly radius of downtown. The Center for Contemporary Art is hosting its fourth annual Capitol Artists’ Studio Tour. Participating artists will open their private studios to the public today and Sunday from noon till 5pm. Check out their latest works, purchase art directly from the artist, and see first-hand where their creative genius takes shape. Maps and a list of participating artists can be found here. This handy guide breaks down studio locations by artist and by region.

At 6pm, head over to the Center for Contemporary Arts at 1519 19th Street for the full exhibit of participating artists’ works. They’ll be open till 9pm tonight. This is a great way to preview the artists and help you plan your route for tomorrow’s tour.

3 thoughts on “Second Saturday: Sneak Peek inside the Artists’ Studios”

  1. I love that these tours are happening during the day. I hope that it is part of a continuing trend to return Second Saturday to art and artists.

    The way that Second Saturday has been going down I, personally, will not set foot in Midtown after 5pm. Many of my Midtown friends are tired of the drunken crowds, the piss, vomit and shit that they find in their yards (or on their front porch), and the obviously drunk drivers. My friends in the art community enjoy the additional foot traffic in their galleries, but know that a huge number of these people are not looking for art, but for another free plastic cup of Two Buck Chuck Chard to slam, especially for those that just leave bottles of wine out on a table for anyone to serve themselves. Believe me, the high school kids from the suburbs know the game.

    If we want to turn Midtown into a drunken mess once a month, let ‘er rip, but let’s call it out for what it is; title it Drunk Douchebag Night, rent some portapotties, fill the streets with motorcycle cops and taxis, and let the bars sell the alcohol. Me, I’ll continue to patronize the galleries in the Del Paso Heights, Oak Park and Curtis Park.


  2. I for one like Second Saturday and I have yet to see any drunkfest but I’m usually out of there by 8:30 or so since I have three kids and they get tired of all that walking. I’ve been to about four Second Saturdays (last one being this past weekend) and have never seen any problems. I like expsoing my daughters to different artwork and I’ve actually bought some things. I remember once I went to Zanzibar Trading Company and saw something I really liked. I went back a few days later to buy it and told the owner about when I first saw it and she said she was suprised that I could see anything with all the people there. I thought that was pretty funny since I wouldn’t have bought anything if I wasn’t part of all those people.


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