Centro’s 15th Anniversary Fiesta

Try some fine tequila from El Tesoro at Centro
Try some fine tequila from El Tesoro at Centro's 15th Anniversary
After attending the Midtown Community Festival, wander over to Centro for their 15th anniversary extravaganza! Centro is Midtown’s premiere tequila bar, with more than 150 selections, most of which are 100% agave. In case you are wondering, tequila that is not 100% agave is not suitable for human consumption, regardless of the numerous attempts to do so that regularly occur across America. For tequila neophytes, try a flight of a single brand’s three most common styles, their plata, reposado and anejo, to learn the differences between them. I recommend Chinaco or El Tesoro. One authentic touch that I appreciate at Centro is the option to sip a fine tequila with a handmade sangrita, a mix of tomato, orange and lime juices with spices. Delicioso. The back parking lot will feature live music, DJs, an art show, a tequila making demonstration, and outdoor bartenders shaking up margaritas made from fresh juice and natural sweeteners, not crappy mixes or sweet and sour.

Oh, yeah, the food is pretty damn good, too.

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