Thrill the World!

Thrill the World with your zombie bad self!
Thrill the World with your zombie bad self!

Since 2006, a strange worldwide phenomenon has been growing. Once a year, people around the world perform the Thriller dance to benefit charities for kids and to break the World Record for largest simultaneous dance. Some dress like zombies, others might actually be zombies. Last year, more than 4000 dancers in 72 cities in 10 countries broke their own record and are shooting for even more this year. The 2009 Thrill the World has additional poignancy because of MJ’s passing earlier this year and has turned into a “tribute” to MJ’s music and his love of children.

So, Sacramento, are you ready to Thrill the World? Rehearsals are already happening every Monday night, 7:30 PM at the Southside Park Bandshell. There is a local website set up by Event Manager Donna Fultineer, who has designated the Meadowview Family Resource Center as the local charity. Organizers emphasize that the only requirement is a soul for getting down and that people of all ages and physical ability participate. To join in on the fun, check out the website or simply show up on Monday! If you want a head start, there is a tutorial video to help you out.

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