SF Mime Troupe in town this weekend

Michael Gene Sullivan performs a song from Too Big to Fail
Michael Gene Sullivan performs a song from Too Big to Fail
The fantastically awesome San Francisco Mime Troupe will have their annual free Sacramento area performances this weekend. For those who are unfamiliar, these are not the creepy non-speaking Marcel Marceau-type mimes with the white painted faces, trapped in a box, walking against the wind, pulling the invisible rope… you know, the ones you want to whack with an olive loaf. No, these are revolutionary mimes that perform physical comedy and feats of agility, talk and sing, and educate their audiences about complicated political realities that affect us all.

This year, which is the 50th anniversary of the SFMT, they have written a wacky comedy about the economic crisis. Titled Too Big To Fail, the show concerns a goat herder and his struggles to build his small business enough to support his family, make his village proud and keep a home for his favorite goat named Bamusa. As he becomes a goat kingpin, he encounters bankers, lenders, mortgage brokers, Wall Street tycoons and ponzi-scheming scalawags. The story is presented in the style of the West African Griots, who have an famed oral storytelling tradition and are known for their talented traveling bards.

The Troupe has gained worldwide acclaim and numerous awards over their 50 years, including a Tony award for regional theater. Besides their obvious theatrical talents, they are regularly lauded for their topical political humor that seeks to empower their audience against political establishments acting in their self-interest at the expense of the average American. Bring a picnic and a camping chair and an optional cash donation and be prepared for thought provoking satire.

Too Big To Fail
Saturday – Community Park (East 14th/F), Davis
Sunday – Southside Park Bandshell (6th/T), Sacramento

Music begins at 6:30, Show begins at 7:00
Book by Michael Gene Sullivan and Ellen Callas
Music composed by Pat Moran

Director – Wilma Bonet
Musical Director – Pat Moran
Starring – Velina Brown, BW Gonzalez, Ed Holmes, Lisa Hori-Garcia, Adrian Mejia, and Michael Gene Sullivan

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