Newest member of Sactosphere: Jason Thompson

jason-thompsonThe Sacramento Press puts out approximately 18 kazillion articles in a day, so one or five or 10 are going to slip past unnoticed. So in case you missed it: “What’s up Kings fans?” by the Sac Press’s latest blogger, Kings second year big man Jason Thompson. He invites us fans out to “Paint the Town” purple this weekend and has lots of nice things to say about our town:

Now that I’ve lived here a year, I just like how clean the city of Sacramento is. It’s one of those cities where there aren’t too many distractions. I think Mayor Kevin Johnson does a good job with security, and everywhere I go people treat me with respect. People of Sacramento really know how to treat people right and it keeps everyone out of trouble.

Welcome to the Sactosphere, JT!! Maybe you can get a Squirty Tip of your own.

Author: CoolDMZ

"X-ray vision to see in between / Where's my kimono and my time machine?"

3 thoughts on “Newest member of Sactosphere: Jason Thompson”

  1. I understand that Mr. Tip would not deign to comment on “professional” basketball. Though I think Mr. Thompson’s comments are very well written, vetted, and approved thoughts for posting. Nice job, PR machine!


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