Go Bold this Second Saturday

Raw and vibrant, "The Hunger" reflects the passion in the paintings by Santiago Proano.
Raw and vibrant, "The Hunger" reflects the passion in the paintings by Santiago Proano.

Sometimes you have to exit the beaten path to find brilliant artists. This Second Saturday, I recommend heading to a most unlikely spot to view the works of a bold and commanding Sacramento artist: Santiago Proano at the Marco Fuoco Gallery on 6764 Folsom Blvd. at 7PM.

The gallery is part of an interior design business, which is the perfect locale for an artist whose paintings pop straight off the wall, leaving colorful, intense emotions that will complete any vibrant home design. Proano’s art is not the kind to be tucked into the corner of a room. It’s the sort of art that sets the tone, calls you in, and tugs at your mind.

Proano grew up in Ecuador, South America, where he was a business owner, surfer, and deeply passionate artist. His paintings reflect his Ecuadorian roots, drawing on folk art which is raw and bleeding with emotion. In his collection, you’ll find broken and celebrated bodies; floating and angry political commentary; as well as joyful and whimsical objects.

Prepare for a wallop of expression!

2 thoughts on “Go Bold this Second Saturday”

  1. Proano’s work is amazing. I’ve seen various pieces of his in galleries around Sacramento and have always loved his paintings. I recommend visiting the Marco Fuoco Gallery to check out his work.


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