Believing in the “Skyscraper Fairy”

Sometime Sac Rag commenter William Burg has a great op-ed on the front page of the Sac Press today: A 10-Step Plan To Fix K Street, Or: The Legend of the Skyscraper Fairy.

1. Accept that the Skyscraper Fairy does not exist.
Many landlords along K Street have no apparent interest in maintaining or improving their properties. Some are convinced that as long as they own the land, the magical Skyscraper Fairy will give them uncountable millions for the land where their decaying buildings sit, and will replace them with shiny new skyscrapers. Thus, they have little interest in maintaining or tenanting their buildings. The result is under-utilized or vacant buildings whose facades continue to crumble.

He has some wonderful ideas (my favorites: streetcars and a permanent farmer’s market) and offers them in a hopeful manner. It leaves me a bit depressed, though, as I am skeptical that the politicians and developers currently working on Downtown will ever attach themselves to anything but the status quo.

Author: CoolDMZ

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3 thoughts on “Believing in the “Skyscraper Fairy””

  1. K street is a lost cause. Spend the money to on J st from 16th to 29th and the waterfront. That is where the city would get the most bang for there buck.


  2. Oh God, no! Spending money is basically why K Street looks the way it does–they can’t go more than a year or two without deciding that they need to tear out something else and spend more money. Take a look down J Street from 16th to 29th, for the most part the buildings there are the same ones that have been there for decades.


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