Steve Maviglio quits blogging, citing comments

Spokesperson-for-hire Steve Maviglio, who for the last few months had been blogging on Sacramento Press, announced there today he will be leaving the Sac Press “for a while.” Why? Comment flaming. Don’t get him wrong, there are many good commenters, he says…

However, there are some, who typically hide behind screen names, that think name-calling and obscenities are effective ways to make their point. Unfortunately, Sacramento Press, in most instances, allows these comments.

He actually cites the Sac Bee as an example of moderation in the area of public comment. Read the whole thing here.

Author: CoolDMZ

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7 thoughts on “Steve Maviglio quits blogging, citing comments”

  1. I don’t like the idea of credit card validated names. No one would ever play the devils advocate or defend the first amendment when evil people are protected by it. In the current age, a comment you wrote while drunk at the age of 23 can keep you from getting a job 30 years from now. So why risk posting anything insightful, if it may hurt you? Maybe if the boards had an experation date of 2 weeks, and the text couldn’t be “copy & pasted” then I would give my full name. That Hitler, he sure was a leader.


  2. It’s interesting: first the Mayor gets all upset about anonymous leaks of malfeasance in city government, then Maviglio gets all upset about anonymous flames via the Internet. What is more odd is that most of the people kicking Steve around on Sacpress are people who use their real names to call Steve a dumbass.


  3. Too bad you didnt actually read the post. I don’t like the SacBee’s comments either. I suggested that posts be like letters to the editor that appear in the print newspaper — with person’s identity.

    And Mr. Burg, it’s kinda sad you don’t know the difference between someone on the City Council violating the attorney/client privilege and an anonymous post on the Internet.

    And take a look at the comments on the post. Very few use their real names.


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