Sacramento Beer Week

Mark your calendar for the first annual Sacramento Beer Week, February 24-27 2010!

Following in the footsteps of incredibly successful beer weeks from San Francisco and Philadelphia, Sacramento area beer folks are planning the first annual Sacramento Beer Week for February 24-27, 2010.

This is nothing more than a mark-your-calendar kind of advisory, as this event is still in the early planning phase, but it would be interesting to hear from readers about what kind of events you would be interested in attending. Beer history? Brewing demonstrations? Food and beer parings? Beer sampling? Beer pong tournament? Pub crawl? Beer trivia contest?

If you are interested in hosting an event for Sacramento Beer Week, drop me a line at Stickie(at)sacrag(dot)com with your idea and I’ll pass along any serious inquiries.

6 thoughts on “Sacramento Beer Week”

  1. Locals might be interested to learn the before the Bee building made papers it was a brewery. One stain glass window and lamp shade remain in the building.


  2. Brewery tours, tours of where breweries USED to be, like the Bee, specials at Rubicon, RC brewing, etc….
    I think SD and SF get one because they are both fortunate enough to have a Toronado location.
    Oh to have a tap house on par with the mighty Totonado in Sacto….*sigh*


  3. Beer history as it relates to Sac might be interesting, but only if beer is being consumed simultaneously. Definitely brewing demos. I’d love to see some beer tasting competitions… bring in some beer judges for blind taste tests. Features on local beers–those just from Sac, or those within a 100 mile radius or some such. Perhaps local restaurants can provide happy hour specials where they feature beer-related apps, like beer breads,beer-battered items,chili with beer, beer cheese soup, that sort of thing. Maybe there’s a beer chili cook-off! Perhaps Beer Appreciation classes to show you what you’re looking for in a good brew. Maybe some lessons on home brewing for newbies. Oh, Beer. You are delicious. There are just too many fun ways to enjoy you!


  4. Buffalo Beer was the snizzle. BTW, I am the new beer meister at Yagers and a looking for some way to participate…

    Perhaps a style a night tasting during the week? Lembics, stouts, Norcal IPA’s, Belgians, Wheats etc…

    We hope to be the premier beer pub in Northern CA with over 100 beers available, from True Belgians to CA Pale Ales and imports from all over the world.

    So please contact me soon about his at

    We can host a festival or homebrewers festival too during the weekend.


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