Sacramento Beer Week

Get your livers tuned up and your walking shoes a-ready, as Sacramento Beer Week is here again! More than 300 beercentric events are listed on the website for your tasting pleasure.

Much like last year, the second annual celebration of Sacramento’s craft beer community will feature tastings, pairings, beer dinners and more at all of our local breweries, alehouses and restaurants on a daily basis. The difference is more venues and some new ideas. The week begins with the Showcase of Sacramento Breweries at Crocker Museum this Thursday and is anchored by the impressive Capital Beerfest at Cal Expo on March 5th. Organizers are even supplying free bus service to help revelers travel safely, a very nice touch. Another new event for this year is the Meet the Masters beer dinner, which features all of the Sacramento-area brewers at The Sterling Hotel.

What Beer Week events are you looking forward to?

SBW – Now douchebag free

No reports of douchebaggery at Sacramento Beer Week
The turnout for Sacramento Beer Week has been tremendous. I have seen several events that were practically wall to wall with people enjoying their friends and Sacramento’s finest pints (and schooners, and tulips, and litres, and samplers and chalices and…) and have been genuinely impressed by the quality of events and participation from Sacramento’s beer community.

Independent of the great beer, food and fun, do you know what my favorite part has been?

No douchebags.

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Pre-Beer Week Events

Two cool events this weekend will help you warm up for Sacramento Beer Week. On Saturday, meet the dead brewers of times gone past. On Sunday, meet brewers of today and watch lots of beer get made. (Please forgive the press release cut and paste. I’m busy.)

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Sac Rag sponsors Sacramento Beer Week

The Sac Rag is happy to announce that we are one of the first sponsors to jump on board to support Sacramento Beer Week. Check out the official website and get on the mailing list to keep updated as more than 100 beer-themed events are added over the next month.

Sacramento Beer Week will not only feature Sacramento’s fantastic local breweries, but will present domestic and international breweries in beer tastings, beer dinners and more. What beer or brewery do you hope to see featured during Sacramento Beer Week?

Sacramento Beer Week

Mark your calendar for the first annual Sacramento Beer Week, February 24-27 2010!

Following in the footsteps of incredibly successful beer weeks from San Francisco and Philadelphia, Sacramento area beer folks are planning the first annual Sacramento Beer Week for February 24-27, 2010.

This is nothing more than a mark-your-calendar kind of advisory, as this event is still in the early planning phase, but it would be interesting to hear from readers about what kind of events you would be interested in attending. Beer history? Brewing demonstrations? Food and beer parings? Beer sampling? Beer pong tournament? Pub crawl? Beer trivia contest?

If you are interested in hosting an event for Sacramento Beer Week, drop me a line at Stickie(at)sacrag(dot)com with your idea and I’ll pass along any serious inquiries.